Field Trips are a great way to learn about places in your community. You’ll see where people work and what they do. You might get an idea of what you would like to do or be someday. You may hear loud noises or smell different odors. You are sure to learn many new things.

  • The Library
  • The Fire Station
  • The Farm
  • The Apple Orchard

Person in Charge: Librarian
Who Works Here: Librarians, clerks, technicians Main Job: Helping people find information
What You'll Find Here: Books, magazines, newspapers, computers
Be Sure Not to Miss: Story hour

Person in Charge: Fire chief
Who Works Here: Firefighters
Main Job: Putting out fires, making rescues
What You’ll Find Here: Fire trucks, fire fighting equipment
Be Sure Not to Miss: Hearing the fire siren

Person in Charge: Farmer
Who Works Here: Farmer, farmer’s family, hired help
Main Job: Raising animals, growing crops
What You’ll Find Here: Barns, tractors, animals
Be Sure Not to Miss: Seeing the baby farm animals

Person in Charge: Orchard Owner
Who Works Here: Pickers, sorters, packers, cashiers
Main Job: Selling Apples
What You’ll Find Here: Trees, apples, cider, other apple treats
Be Sure Not to Miss: Tasting apple samples