The dictionary defines "disgusting" as something very unpleasant and offensive to others. But not everyone agrees on what is unpleasant or offensive. For example, yogurt is a popular food in many countries, but it is actually edible bacteria. In South America, moviegoers eat bags of toasted ants instead of popcorn. Washing and grooming people's feet might seem like a disgusting job, but not to pedicurists. What sorts of things do you find disgusting?

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Many animals like monkeys and prairie dogs live in family groups. They take turns grooming one another by picking bugs and parasites out of each other's fur. The disgusting part comes in when they eat the things they've picked. Imagine picking a tick off your brother's skin and snacking on it. That's disgusting!

Stink bugs are like the skunks of the insect world. They give off a foul smelling liquid from a pore on either side of their thorax. Stink bugs have a shield-shaped body and are sometimes called shield bugs. You'll find them on garden plants and some farm crops. Watch out! Their stinky smell lasts a long time.

Think it's fun wrangling these big birds that can't fly? Think again. Ostriches have a nasty habit of vomiting into their drinking water. Ostrich farmers must clean the black, tarlike vomit out of the bird's water bucket each time the ostrich gets fresh drinking water.

Escamoles is a Mexican treat made from the eggs of black ants. Collectors must snatch the larvae just before they turn into mature ants. And larvae collectors have to be careful and wear protective clothing to avoid ant stings. How does Escamole taste? Folks say it's a little like corn. It's most often eaten in tacos.