Some kids know more about taking care of a pet than themselves. How do you take care of a kid like you? Well, just like a pet you need good food and plenty to drink every day. You can't clean yourself like a cat, so you need to wash everyday. You need exercise, too. And plenty of love.

  • My Hair
  • My Teeth
  • My Snacks

Made of: Keratin
Location: All over body
How Many Head Hairs: More than 100,000
Needs: Daily brushing and combing
Cleaning: Shampoo two or more times a week

Number of baby teeth: 20
Number of adult teeth: 32
Front teeth use: Cutting and tearing food
Back teeth use: Grinding and crushing food
Cleaning: Brushing three (or more) times a day

Definition: Small amounts of food between meals
Purpose: Extra energy
Recommended choices: milk, fruit, nuts, yogurt, cheese, vegetables
Avoid: Sugary candies, cookies, cakes, soft drinks
A Helpful Snacking Tool: MyPyramid for Kids