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Breaking News Story! 26 kids get saved by super pooches!
Luna Moon and Sprightly Steve   Two canine power pets used their combined superpowers to heroically save a group of 26 third graders yesterday in Metropolis Park. The students became surrounded by a brush fire as they hiked a nature trail while on a field trip.

After smelling the danger, a beagle named Luna transformed into Luna Moon, the incredible hound with the super-sniffing nose. Luna knew she needed to get there fast, so she called on her friend Steve the pomchi who then became Sprightly Steve, the super pooch with lightning speed.

Luna Moon jumped on Sprightly Steve's back and off they went as quick as a flash. Luna Moon was able to sniff out the exact location of the trapped children and they were rescued in seconds with no injuries.

"I'm so proud of Luna and Steve!" said their owner Cloey.

Metropolis city mayor awarded the canine duo with medals and a year's supply of dog treats.
Congrats to Cloey from Lincoln, Nebraska for submitting the winning entry!
Thanks to all 450 participants! May all your pets be super!

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