Hi everyone! I’m Gus. I’m a hedgehog who is always looking for fun adventures. I love school, holidays, and playing with my friends. My best friend, Bean, and I go everywhere together.

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  • I love bubble gum.
  • When it snows, I like to build snow men.
  • I went to karate camp and got a uniform called a gi and a belt called an obi.
Gus in his gi and obi

Learn About My Friends and Family


Bean is Gus’ best friend in the whole world. Bean loves to tell jokes and make his friends laugh. He is a loyal friend who is always willing to help Gus.

Mrs. Hedgehog

Mrs. Hedgehog
Gus’ mom, loves him very much. She helps him with his homework, drives him to activities, and always knows just what Gus needs. Mrs. Hedgehog is the best mom a young hedgehog could ask for.

Mr. Chase

Mr. Chase
Mr. Chase is the school principal, town karate instructor, and yearly judge of the Halloween parade and the Easter egg hunt. He is friendly and fair to all of the kids. He is a great role model.


Sam is the new girl in town. She likes going to the park, playing softball, and having fun. Sam can’t wait to join Gus and Bean on their crazy adventures. There’s always room for a new friend!


Gus loves his pet snake, Gunther. Gunther can play dead, keep monsters away, and eat Gus’ vegetables. Plus Gunther is the only one who can scare Billy, the meanest bully in class. Gunther is the best pet in the whole world!

Mrs. Kyle

Mrs. Kyle
Mrs. Kyle is Gus’ third grade teacher. She is very kind and makes everyone feel comfortable. Third grade could be scary, but not with Mrs. Kyle around to make learning fun.



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Merry Christmas, Gus!

There are so many kids in line to see Santa. How will Santa ever remember Gus? With a little imagination, Gus figures out the perfect way to get his attention.

Happy Birthday, Gus!

Gus' Mom sends him to karate camp for his birthday, but Gus and Bean have to put up with Billy when they get there

Happy Valentine's Day, Gus!

For Valentine's Day, Gus really wants to give his mom something special. But his gifts don't go exactly as planned. Will Gus have a card, candy, or flowers ready on the big day?

Let’s Go Fishing, Gus!

Gus doesn't know very much about fishing. Good thing Grandpa is along to teach him! Ride along in the boat with Gus and Grandpa as they catch all kinds of things except fish!

Happy Thanksgiving, Gus!

Gus' teacher tells each student to bring in a picture of what they are most thankful for this year. Gus is thankful for a lot of stuff, but he can't decide what is MOST important.

Make a New Friend, Gus!

Bean makes a new friend in the neighborhood and she's a girl! Will Gus lose Bean as a friend? Or will they all find a way to be friends together?

Happy Halloween, Gus!

With the Halloween parade just days away, Gus needs a costume. After all, having the best costume means Gus wins the big prize.

Pick a Pet, Gus!

Every year, Gus asks his mom for the same birthday present: a pet. But he never gets one until this year. Go shopping with Gus to pick the perfect pet—and then see what happens on Show and Tell Day!

Happy Easter, Gus!

Gus and his best friend Bean are ready for the local egg hunt—and its grand prize. But that bully, Billy, is after the prize, too. Find out who wins in this eggs-ellent adventure of Gus the Hedgehog.

Welcome to Third Grade, Gus!

It's the first day of third grade, and Gus is scared. Will his teacher be a monster? Will his classmates make fun of him? Will today be the worst day of Gus' life?

* Available in Spanish, too!

Learn About The Author

Doug Cushman has illustrated more than 100 children’s books, 20 or so of which he has also written. Among his many honors, Doug has gained a place on the New York Times Children’s Best Sellers list and on the 2003 Children’s Literature Choice list. He has received a National Cartoonist’s Society Reuben award and a 2004 Christopher Award for his book illustrations.