1. Super-Pets can talk to each other, but (except in a few cases) cannot talk to humans.
  2. Krypto, the Super-Dog, lives longer than normal earth dogs. He was Superboy’s pet, but he is still as youthful and powerful as ever.
  3. Storm, Aquaman’s steed, lives in the underwater kingdom of Atlantis.
  4. Beppo, the Super-Monkey, is originally from the planet Krypton like his owner Superman. In fact, Beppo hid inside the rocket that brought Superman to Earth as a baby!!
  5. Comet, the Super-Horse, gets his name from a comet-shaped birthmark on his neck.

Owner: Batman

Superpowers: Street smarts, speed, amazing sense of justice (and smell), loyalty, and he has a belt of amazing crime-fighting gadgets, just like his partner Batman

Favorite Food: Crime Fighter Crunchies


Owner: Superman

Superpowers: Flight, super-speed, super-hearing, super-breath, X-ray vision

Favorite Food: Chocolate-covered bananas


Owner: “No one owns me. I’m not a pet!”

Team: Green Lanterns, an intergalactic law enforcement squad

Superpowers: Possesses a green power ring, given to him by the Guardians of Oa. Anything he can imagine, can be created by the ring (but only for good).

Favorite Food: ch’ps & salsa


Owner: Supergirl

Superpowers: Flight, super-strength, super-speed, super-hearing, super-smell

Favorite Food: Oatmeal cookies, sugar cubes


Owner: Zan and Jayna, the Wonder Twins

Superpowers: Super smarts, high-jumping, a long tail that can stretch and grab objects, although he can’t speak, Gleek can understand when others speak to him

Favorite Food: Blue space bananas


Owner: Wonder Woman

Superpowers: Speed-hopping, and a powerful tail

Favorite Food: Jumping beans


Owner: Superman

Superpowers: Flight, super-speed, super-hearing, super-smell, super-strength, X-ray vision, heat vision

Favorite Food: Ka-pow chow


Owner: Supergirl

Superpowers: Super-hearing, super-smell, X-ray and heat vision, flight, and super-speed

Favorite Food: Mice and sushi


Owner: Aquaman

Superpowers: Can communicate with Aquaman and other sea creatures with his mind, super-fast and intelligent

Favorite Food: Shrimp and seaweed


Owner: The Flash

Superpowers: Super-speed, a super-strong shell to hide in and use for defense, and patience

Favorite Food: Turtle sundaes

Pooches of Power

When sardines go missing from the GOTHAM CITY Marina, ACE THE BAT-HOUND investigates.

The Fastest Pet on Earth


Heroes of the High Seas

A huge whirlpool threatens the city of ATLANTIS and TOPO THE OCTOPUS must come to the rescue.

Midway Monkey Madness

When the carnival comes to METROPOLIS, BEPPO THE SUPER-MONKEY isn’t far behind.

Royal Rodent Rescue

The evil cat ROZZ has kidnapped a priceless hamster and STREAKY THE SUPER-CAT must save the day.

Super Hero Splash Down

GREEN LANTERN B’DG chills out at a water park on Earth, but his day in the sun is anything but fun.

Attack of the Invisible Cats

The PHANTY-CATS have escaped from the PHANTOM ZONE and finding them won’t be easy. These feline felons are invisible! The SPACE CANINE PATROL AGENTS must rely on their snouts instead of their sight to catch these criminal kitties once and for all.

Backward Borrow

When BIZARRO KRYPTO crash lands on Earth, he can’t believe his eyes. Humans own dogs as pets! On his planet, everything is the exact opposite. Canines rule the world! Before returning home, he promises to make things right . . . or maybe wrong.

Battle Bugs of Outer Space

The evil SINESTRO CORPS INSECTS have invaded a baseball game on Earth. Thankfully, the GREEN LANTERN BUG CORPS are out to stop them! If they don’t, America’s pastime might become the world’s worst pest crime.

Salamander Smackdown!

When two naughty newts escape from a pet store, nothing can stop their amphibian antics . . . except the TERRIFIC WHATZIT! This super-speedy turtle must stop the slimy salamanders before they cast another tale of terror on CENTRAL CITY.

Superpowered Pony

MECHANIKAT and DOGWOOD team up to rain four-legged fury upon Earth. Only one foal can foil their evil plans . . . COMET the Super-Horse! This Stallion of Steel won’t stop until he’s corralled the crazy critters and protected the planet.

The Hopping Hero

SOBEK the evil crocodile is on the loose! Luckily, HOPPY is close by. With the powers of six species, this heroic hare will wipe the smile from SOBEK’s face and bounce the reptile raider back to the bayou.

The Amazing Mini-Mutts

KRYPTO and his pooch pals visit the Bowwow Boot Camp, a school for up-and-coming pups with powers.

Barnyard Brainwash

If the BATCOW can’t stop MAD CATTER, a farm frenzy will quickly become udder madness!

Candy Store Caper

The BOY WONDER’S pet, ROBIN ROBIN, must stop the candy store caper!

Sleepy Time Crime

When STREAKY won’t wake from his catnap, his friend SUPER-TURTLE must find out why.

Starro and the Space Dolphins

When LOBO’S beloved SPACE DOLPHINS go missing, DAWG and BIG RED team up to track them down.

Super-Pets Showdown

While the LEGION OF SUPER-PETS is busy protecting the universe, their KENNEL OF JUSTICE is attacked!

The Biggest Little Hero

The ATOM’S microscopic mutt SPOT takes on the big-time baddie GIGANTA in the ultimate battle of small versus tall.

The Cat Crime Club

The evil CAT CRIME CLUB plans to steal funds from a local circus, and only KRYPTO and the SPACE CANINE PATROL AGENTS can stop them.

Deep-sea Duel

When the evil OCEAN MASTER crashes an AQUA-FAMILY reunion, AQUALAD, and his Super-Pet FLUFFY must stop the fishy foes.

The Fantastic Flexy Frog

PLASTIC MAN'S frog heads into the jungle to track down the crooked crocodile, KROC!

Night of the Scaredy Crows

The evil SCAREDY CROWS are coating GOTHAM CITY with fear dust, and ACE THE BAT-HOUND is Halloween’s only hope.

Swamp Thing vs the Zombie Pets

SOLOMON GRUNDY's zombie pets are taking over the swamp. SWAMP THING's bog buddies must stop them.

DC Super-Pets Character Encyclopedia

This illustrated encyclopedia features in-depth profiles, stats, and history about the DC Super-Pets.

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