• SKILL: Super Dribbler
  • AGE: 10
  • SPORT: Soccer
  • FAVORITE ACTIVITY: Playing video games and looking at magazines with my BFF, Lynsey
  • FAVORITE ICE CREAM: Mint chocolate chunk
  • INTERESTING FACT: Carmen lives with her dad and they do not own a television.
  • SKILL: Super Skater
  • AGE: 10
  • SPORT: Hockey
  • FAVORITE ACTIVITY: Watching action flicks
  • INTERESTING FACT: Josh is very devoted to his competitive sports and doesn't like taking breaks from practice.
  • SKILL: Super Strength
  • AGE: 10
  • SPORT: Gymnastics
  • FAVORITE CLASS: Language, especially reading
  • FAVORITE TREATS: Brownies with ice cream
  • INTERESTING FACT: When not competing, Kenzie enjoys using her strength to help her family by lifting the car for an oil change or just curling the picnic table for fun.
  • SKILL: Super Shooter
  • AGE: 10
  • SPORT: Basketball
  • FAVORITE ACTIVITY: Biking, skateboarding and diving
  • BEST PAL: My dog, Maddy
  • INTERESTING FACT: Tyler discovered his super ability during a game of H-O-R-S-E with his dad. In the off-season, he is part of the competitive cheer team.
  • SKILL: Super Speed
  • AGE: 10
  • SPORT: Football
  • FAVORITE SNACK: Chips & Salsa
  • FAVORITE MEAL: Spaghetti
  • INTERESTING FACT: Danny hates having to slow down. He says asking him to slow down is like asking a turtle to speed up!
  • SKILL: Super Jumper
  • AGE: 10
  • SPORT: Cheerleading
  • FAVORITE CLASS: Social Studies
  • FAVORITE BREAKFAST: Grilled cheese sandwich
  • INTERESTING FACT: Alicia's jumping has caused some embarrassing situations. She once got tangled in a basketball net when she jumped too high during a routine at a pep rally.

A Running Back Can’t Always Rush

Danny loves to go fast. With his super speed, he can rush down the football field in seconds. The trouble is he forgets to slow down off of the field. When he zips through his homework, he makes mistakes. When he eats too fast, he feels sick. How will Danny learn that a running back can't always rush?

Beach Volleyball Is No Joke

Tyler loves a good practical joke, but his beach volleyball teammates have had enough. He has spent so much time on his gags, that he hasn't learned anything about the game.

Cheerleading Really is a Sport

Alicia's brother Danny and his friends are always putting down cheerleading. One of them even said the cheerleaders don't belong at the Victory School. But Alicia knows that everyone on the team has something special, like her super jumping ability. She just has to prove to Danny and the others that cheerleading really is a sport.

Don’t Break the Balance Beam!

Kenzie's super strength makes her a super tumbler. But it causes all sorts of problems on the balance beam. When she doesn't control her strength, she falls off or even worse. If she doesn't learn to control her strength soon, all of her teammates will be laughing and saying one thing: don't break the balance beam!

Don't Wobble on the Wakeboard

The Victory Superstars are all competing in new sports while at a sports camp at the beach. Josh tries wakeboarding, and he has his eyes set on landing a challenging flip. Should he go for it, or play it safe for the win?

Five Fouls and You're Out

Basketball star Carmen is a perfect dribbler, but her defense needs help. She gets five fouls at every game, and everybody knows it's five fouls and you're out! Carmen isn't sure what to do, but her friends are ready to help her stop fouling.

I Am on Strike Against Softball

When Alicia finds out she has to play softball in gym, she starts thinking of ways to get out of it.

I Broke into Gymnastics Camp

Gymnastics camp will be canceled unless Kenzie admits she broke the gym door.

I Could Be a One-Man Relay

Danny doesn’t want to practice with his relay team, but there is no such thing as a one-man relay.

I Couldn’t Land a Bunny Hop

When Kenzie asks Danny to try out for a BMX team, he learns that riding ramps is hard.

I Don’t Want to Live on the Tennis Court

Carmen’s new friend Laura is tired of spending all her spare time practicing tennis.

I Just Have to Ride the Halfpipe

Kenzie doesn't want to try any winter sports until a new friend suggests she try snowboarding. She soon discovers that the snowboard park is perfect for a gymnast like her.

I Only Surf Online

When Carmen spots a mysterious surfer, she can't wait to try surfing herself. But after a few wipeouts, she's wishing she was back on the basketball court. Can the mystery girl get her to try again?

It's a Wrestling Mat, Not a Dance Floor

With football season over, Danny decides to try wrestling. He doesn't know how to make his super speed work to his advantage. He ends up dancing around so his opponent won't catch him, but that won't help him win. How can Danny remember that it's wrestling mat, not a dance floor?

It's Hard to Dribble with Your Feet

Carmen is a star dribbler for the Victory basketball team. She never loses control of the ball. But when she decides to try out for soccer, she learns that handling a soccer ball doesn't come nearly as easy. After Carmen hears some other girls talking about her, she feels awful. She just didn't realize that it's hard to dribble with your feet.

I’ve Got the No-Skateboard Blues

Tired of his recklessness, Tyler’s parents make him pay for things he has broken around the house.

Nobody Wants to Play with a Ball Hog

Tyler couldn't believe it when he discovered his super ability while playing basketball with his dad. He's a perfect shot! Since he can't miss, he quits passing to his teammates. Soon the other teams figure out how to stop him, and his teammates get mad. When will Tyler learn that nobody wants to play with a ball hog?

Skating Is Hard When You're Homesick

During a school trip, Alicia takes figure skating lessons so she can start a hockey cheer squad for her friend Danny. But when she becomes homesick, she'd rather stay in bed than get out on the ice.

Skiing Has Its Ups and Downs

Danny is learning downhill skiing at Triumph Mountain during a school trip. After a few wipe outs, he is ready to call it quits. He needs to learn that some things are worth a little extra effort.

There Are No Figure Eights in Hockey

Josh has already won a gold medal in figure skating, so he is looking for a new challenge. He decides that hockey is a good fit for his super skating ability. But when he gets out on the hockey rink, he soon realizes changing sports won't be as easy as he thought. After all, there are no figure eights in hockey.

There's a Hurricane in the Pool!

Everyone at Victory has to take swimming class, but that doesn't mean they like it. Kenzie feels frustrated in the pool when her kicks are too strong. Waves are going everywhere. It almost seems like there's a hurricane in the pool! Will Kenzie keep her kicks — and temper — under control?

There's No Crying in Baseball

Tyler can't wait to play baseball against the teachers at Victory. It is a big event to celebrate school spirit. But before game day arrives, Tyler sprains his ankle. Since he can't play, Tyler wants to skip the game altogether. Will he learn that there's no crying in baseball?

Who Wants to Play Just for Kicks?

It's spring break, and Josh's friends are spending their free time on the soccer field. Josh isn't catching on to the sport, and he starts wondering, "Who wants to play just for kicks?" Will Josh learn that sometimes it's fun to play just for fun?

You Can't Spike Your Serves

Alicia's pen pal's cheer squad needs new uniforms, but they don't have the money to buy them. So Alicia decides to raise money for them with a volleyball tournament. She is excited to play herself, but she can't seem to get her serves right. Will Alicia remember that you can't spike your serves?