Follow your favorite truck pals as they learn about the open road!

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Green Truck

Green Truck
Green Truck grew up on the racetrack. He is always ready to put the pedal to the medal. He gets jobs done fast so he can speed off to another job or adventure.

Dump Truck

Dump Truck
Dump Truck grew up in the pit mine, where his shiny red coat was always covered in dirt and mud. He is always willing to help out by hauling rocks, sand, and dirt. But once he drops his load, he loves to have fun.

Blue Truck

Blue Truck
Blue Truck grew up working on the farm. Although he’s the smallest truck in the group, he has no trouble keeping up.

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Mud Mess
Lots of rain brings bad luck. See which truck ends up stuck!

Snow Trouble
Up the mountain three trucks go. Guess which truck slides through the snow!

Road Race
Three truck buddies. One big race. Who will end up in first place?

Truck Buddies
Green Truck works and so does Blue. Will Dump Truck end up working, too?

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Melinda Melton Crow has been a first grade teacher for 15 years, and a Reading Recovery teacher for nine. She has also written several Stone Arch Readers books, including Wonder Wheels. She enjoys teaching children to read and getting to know each individual student and his/her family. When she's not teaching or writing, Melinda enjoys traveling, gardening, and nice summer weather. Melinda has two wonderful boys with her husband, John. They also have two dogs, Buddy and Lucky. She currently lives with in Plymouth, Minnesota.