Ben and David are pretty much your normal, everyday kids… that is, until they get their hands on a device that lets them travel through time! When David got his hands on the gadget, he and Ben were soon running from dinosaurs, chilling with cavemen, and hanging out with a giant, robotic dog!

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Likes: video games and playing with his brother’s weird inventions
Dislikes: babysitters and history tests
Favorite band: Jack Johnson
Favorite food: spaghetti and meatballs
Favorite movie: Back to the Future


Likes: video games and dinosaurs
Dislikes: being chased by a T-Rex and history tests
Favorite band: Dinosaur Jr.
Favorite food: pizza
Favorite movie: Jurassic Park

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Back to the Ice Age

David is stuck with the world's worst babysitter. But when she accidentally zaps herself back in time, his problems are far from over. If she's still missing when his parents get back, they'll freak out! David and his friend, Ben, must blast into the past to save the stranded sitter.

Blast to the Past

David and Ben use a time machine to retake a test. But instead of zapping back to history class, the boys might become history!

T. Rex vs Robo-Dog 3000

David's brother, Darrin, just invented a radio-controlled pooch. It performs tricks, mixes delicious smoothies, and grows 50 feet tall. When David's friend brings back a T. rex from the past, Robo-Dog 3000 turns into the ultimate fighting machine. It's beast versus bot in the smackdown of the century!

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Scott Nickel
By traveling back in time, Scott Nickel has created hundreds of humorous greeting cards and has written several children's books, short fiction for Boys' Life magazine, comic strips, and lots of really funny knock-knock jokes. Scott recently time-traveled to the future, where he now lives with his wife, two sons, six robot cats from the future, and several baby dinosaurs he brought back with him from the past.

Steve Harpster
Steve Harpster has loved to draw funny creatures, mean monsters, and goofy gadgets since he was able to pick up a pencil. In first grade, he got out of homework assignments by traveling to the future to get all the right answers. Steve lives in Columbus, Ohio, with his futuristic wife, Karen, and their robo-sheepdog, Doodle.