My goal is to be the world’s youngest, strongest ninja with the best record for capturing bad guys. If I can just keep evil Weevil from escaping next time, I might make my goal.

Learn More About Me

  • I’m in fourth grade.
  • I’m a master of disguise!
  • Becoming a ninja takes hard work, long training, and patient discipline.
  • Puzzles keep my brain in tip-top shape.
Tiger Moth

Learn About My Friends and Family

Kung Pow

Kung Pow
I come from a long line of famous pill bugs. My great-grandfather was the first pill bug to reach the North Pole. He rolled up inside an explorer’s pocket and stayed there for four months. He said the North Pole was a lot stuffier than you’d think.

Amber Pow

Amber Pow
I’m Kung Pow’s little sister. I like to tag along with my brother and his friends.


I am far from being one of Tiger Moth’s friends. In fact, I am his arch enemy! I strive to be the baddest of all bugs.

Fruit Fly Boys

Fruit Fly Boys
We are the coolest bugs in school (at least we think so)! We try to get away with a lot of tricks, but Tiger Moth always seems to catch us in the act.


Draw Your Own Insect

Insect Hunt

Name That Bug


Learn About My Books

Tiger Moth, Insect Ninja

Young Tiger Moth is a ninja-in-training, a martial arts warrior who fights evil in the streets and classrooms of the bug world. With the help of his best friend, pillbug Kung Pow, he works for truth and justice, while still hoping to finish the fourth grade.

The Dung Beetle Bandits

Tiger Moth and his sidekick Kung Pow, visit a dung beetle ranch owned by Tiger’s Uncle Aphid. Thundering tarnation! The beetles are missing! It looks like the work of that varmint rustler Stinky McCree!

Tiger Moth and the Dragon Kite Contest

Fourth-grade ninjas Tiger Moth and Kung Pow have fun with their classmates celebrating the Chinese New Year. Tiger’s rivals, the Fruit Fly boys, enter the kite-flying contest and the result is sky-high disaster.

The Fortune Cookies of Weevil

Who is sending all those fortune cookies around the city? What sinister message is tucked inside? Tiger Moth and King Pow smell something crummy in the air, and it’s not the jumbo hot chocolate from Starbugs!

The Pest Show on Earth

When the carnival comes to town, Tiger Moth and his sidekick Kung Pow let their ninja guard down. But not for long! This funfest is an evil trick by Weevil, the world’s evilest insect. Now, the ninja duo must stop the show before the main attraction… the deadly Wing Kong!

Kung Pow Chicken

Weevil's evil goons have captured Tiger Moth! The fate of this fourth grade ninja rests in the hands of Kung Pow and his kid sister, Amber. Have Tiger’s lessons prepared his young apprentice for this life or death bug battle? Or will Kung Pow fail the ultimate ninja test?

Learn About The Author

Aaron Reynolds

1. When did you start writing stories?
I’m not one of those people who started writing stories when they were in diapers. I was 23-years-old.

2. What inspired you to write?
If you love to write, you must first love to read. In 5th grade my teacher read Ramona the Pest aloud to the class. I had no idea books could be so fun, so I began reading like crazy. My love for books eventually inspired me to write my own stories.

3. What were your early stories about?
I had some weird ideas: one story was about a group of cats that was taking over the world and another was about a boy who lived in his mother’s purse. Goofy stuff. But that stuff led to some great ideas, in time.

4. How did you learn to write stories?
I learned by writing. And lots and lots of reading. That’s how I learned what makes a good story.

5. What do you like to write about most?
Many of the books I’ve written have been about bugs, and I do love bugs. There are so many different kinds, and they all look so goofy. They make great characters.

6. What one piece of advice would you give to young, aspiring authors?
Trust your ideas and write what you like. You’re going to write a lot of not-so-good stuff. That’s all part of learning to write. Every thing you write is a step toward creating something really great, so don’t judge your ideas. Just put them on paper.

Erik Lervold

1. Where were you born?
In San Juan, the capitol of Puerto Rico. Later, I moved to the United States and eventually went to art school in Minneapolis, MN.

2. What was the first thing you remember drawing?
The three little pigs driving around in a yellow mustang with black racing stripes.

3. What type of things do you like to draw now?
I draw a lot of mythological creatures and portraits of superheroes.

4. Do you have a favorite color?
Green. It’s a really easy color to use in art, and it’s everywhere in nature.

5. What three things do you always keep with you?
1. A pair of my really big goggles, in case the sun is too bright.
2. A blue lead pencil, so I can draw wherever I am.
3. A sketchbook, so I have something to draw on.

6. What one piece of advice would you give to young, aspiring illustrators?
Draw everyday! And have fun doing it.