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The Grunt

Likes: Mud fights and sleeping (naps are trollific!)

Dislikes: Being clean and being woken up from naps.

Favorite Sport: I don’t like exercising, but I can make
the biggest cannonball you’ve ever seen!

Favorite Food: Have you ever tried hair cake?
It’s delicious. Sprinkle cockroach crisps on the top for
an extra-special treat!

Special Talent: When I sneeze, I can spray gooey
green snot all the way across the room!

The Grouch

Likes: Our dog, Dirtbag. He is full of fleas and likes playing in the mud as much as I do!

Dislikes: Following silly rules and playing blib-blab-blob with Grunty. (I always lose!)

Favorite Sport: Pirate Rats! It’s especially fun when Grunt lets me be Captain Blackwhiskers.

Favorite Food: Pickles and cheese. It’s even better if the cheese is moldy. YUM!

Special Talent: I am really good at getting extra dirty. I can find a mud pile, swamp, or garbage can quicker than any other troll!

What My Family Members Have to Say About Me:

Big Splash!

Dive in with the Grunt and the Grouch as they crash the opening of the local swimming pool, get tangled up on a camping trip, and come face to face with a little troll horror when they’re left to babysit Grunty’s cousin.

Beastly Feast!

The Grunt and the Grouch make a monstrous mess as they cook up a storm in the school kitchen, go to the pet shop in search of the perfect flea-ridden companion, and visit the barbers for the scariest of haircuts!

Pick ‘n’ Mix

Join The Grunt and the Grouch as they get into trouble at the movie theater, find themselves in hot water, at school, and are forced to tidy up their grimy house when a relative comes to visit.

Freaky Funfair

The Grunt and the Grouch take a ride on the giant Loop the Loop, find their dog an enormous dinosaur bone, and settle an argument in this three-in-one adventure.

What My Classmates Have to Say About Me:

Tracey Corderoy

Tracey Corderoy was born and grew up in South Wales before moving to Bath, England, to become a teacher. Tracey has always been passionate about writing for children and convinced that language, expressed through wonderful literature, is the key to stimulating learning and imagination. She currently lives in an ancient cottage with her husband, two daughters, and their many animals.

Lean About My Books

Lee Wildish

Lee Wildish lives in Lancashire, England, and has been drawing from a very young age. He loves illustrating children's books and thinks there's nothing better than seeing people laughing at a book he's illustrated.