Experience the voyages of the USS Star Bus. Its ongoing mission is to seek out and explore strange new video games, comics, and 3D movies. And to boldly go where no geek has gone before!

Rank: Captain

Favorite planet: Earth

Special Talent: Looking like he knows what he’s doing (even if he doesn’t).

Rank: Lieutenant commander

Favorite planet: Vulcan

Special Talent: He can tell what people are thinking. He can even tell whether someone’s taken a bath— without asking them!

Rank: Chief engineer

Favorite planet: Mercury (named after the Greek god of inventors)

Special Talent: Good at inventing things. Some of them actually work.

Birthplace: Moscow, Idaho

Favorite movies: “Shout,” “Scream,” and “Old Yeller.”

Special Talent: He can scream like a girl!

Favorite song: “Friends Stick Together”

Favorite planet: The planet Gloop in the Great Goo Galaxy.

Special Talent: They never give up. And they can eat anything without gaining weight.

A member of the Star Bus club goes where no geek has gone before…the school dance!

Scott Ciencin is a New York Times bestselling author of children’s and adult fiction. He has written comic books, trading cards, video games, television shows, as well as many non-fiction projects. He lives in Sarasota, Florida with his beloved wife, Denise, and his best buddy, Bear, a golden retriever. He Loves writing books for Stone Arch Books, and is working hard on many more that are still to come.