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Ashley is the baby of a lively Italian family. Her older siblings (Josie, Roman, Gino, and Matt) have taught her a lot, including how to get attention in such a big family, which Ashley has become a pro at. This fashionista-turned-blogger is on top of every single style trend and shares it with the world via her blog, Magstar. Vivacious and mischievous, Ashley is rarely sighted without her beloved “purse puppy,” Coco.
Patient and kind, Willow is a wonderful confidante and friend (just ask her twin, Winston!). She is also a budding artist with creativity for miles. She will definitely own her own store one day, selling everything she makes. Growing up in a hippie-esque family, Willow acquired a bohemian style that perfectly suits her flower child within.
Maren is what you’d call “personality-plus” – sassy, bursting with energy, and always ready with a sharp one-liner. She dreams of becoming an actress or comedienne one day and moving to Hollywood to make it big. Not one to fuss over fashion, you’ll often catch Maren wearing a hoodie over a sports tee and jeans. She is an only child, so has adopted her friends as sisters.
Delaney’s smart and motivated—and she’s always on the go! Whether she’s volunteering at the animal shelter or helping Maren with her homework, you can always count on Delaney. You’ll usually spot low-maintenance Delaney in a ponytail and jeans (and don’t forget her special charm bracelet, with unique charms to symbolize each one of the Sleepover Girls). She is a great role model for her younger sister, Gigi.

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Being a twin has its perks. This year, Willow and Winston are holding their first-ever co-ed birthday party, and everyone in class is invited. This means Win’s cute friend Jacob is on the guest list. Willow’s pumped that her crush will be coming over and gets the Sleepover Girls to help her plan a party that’s all kinds of awesome! But even the best-laid plans can go awry. Jacob seems to like Ashley, and mean girls Franny and Zoe are driving Willow nuts. Can the birthday girl pull it together and throw a memorable party, or will her birthday be a complete bust? The Sleepover Girls just found out some MAJOR news. Teen pop star Luke Lewis is returning to his hometown Valley View (which just happens to be their hometown as well) to hold a special benefit concert! Maren is his biggest fan, and she’s dead set on winning tickets from the local radio station’s contest. The challenge? Create a love letter to Valley View showing your hometown pride. Maren wastes no time enlisting the Sleepover Girls’ help to make the most awesome scrapbook ever. Will her project hit the right note Delaney has always wanted a dog of her own, and she’s proving it to her parents by volunteering at the local animal shelter. When the shelter enlists the Sleepover Girls to help with the annual puppy fashion show fundraiser, the Sleepover Girls couldn’t be more excited (especially Delaney!). Delaney’s parents even allow her to babysit one of the dogs overnight during the weekly sleepover. But when the dog gets lost, Delaney doesn’t know what to do. Will the Sleepover Girls save the puppy and Delaney’s doggy dreams before the big fashion show? Ashley’s got a passion for fashion, and she’s always been the most stylish girl in school—until the arrival of Sophie, a glamorous city girl who’s new at school. Sophie and Ashley are instantly inseparable, but the other Sleepover Girls aren’t so sure about Sophie. Things get even worse when Sophie convinces Ashley to totally transform her look. When Ashley includes Sophie in one of their weekly sleepovers, an innocent spa party turns into a makeover gone horribly wrong. Can Ashley get her groove back, or is it gone forever? And more importantly, is Sophie worth the trouble?
Sleepover Girl Ashley wants to transform the new girl’s look. Follow these fun and creative craft ideas to make spa-worthy projects to give yourself a glamorous makeover. Everyone’s invited! The Sleepover Girls are helping Willow plan the best birthday party ever. Follow these recipes and party ideas to throw a sleepover that’s all kinds of awesome. Sleepover Girl Maren has to make a
scrapbook for her teen idol, Luke Lewis. Follow these fun and creative craft ideas to make a scrap book and other awesome projects.
Sleepover Girl Delaney volunteers to help with a fashion show
fundraiser for a local animal
shelter. Follow these fun and creative craft ideas to make fashion-forward projects for your own personal runway.

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Using her past experience as a writer for E! Online, Jen Jones has written more than 40 books about celebrities, crafting, cheerleading, fashion, and just about any other obsession a girl in middle school could have—including her popular Team Cheer! series for Capstone. Jen lives in Los Angeles.