Only one boy has the wits and anti-zombie know-how to save the world… Trevor Walton! Well, okay, maybe he doesn’t save the world, but he sure does save his fellow students from homework, eating vegetables, and studying. With the help of Bo, his trusted anti-zombie sidekick, Trevor is the only thing standing in the way of zombie world domination!

Learn More About Me & Bo:

Trevor Walton is one of the greatest zombie hunters who ever lived. At least that’s what he tells his friend, Bo. Trevor has watched over one hundred zombie movies, and read one thousand zombie comics and graphic novels. His favorite comic is Zombie Bunnies That Ate the Moon. All of those movies and books have taught him his zombie-hunting skills. He even took a course through the mail with Zombie Crunch Academy. He got all As!
Trevor Walton’s zombie-hunting sidekick. Without Bo’s help, Trevor would have been overwhelmed by student zombies long, long ago. Bo may not be that smart or tough, and he never does his homework… but Trevor can always count on his best buddy to be there whenever their fellow students get brainwashed.

Learn About My Enemies

Dr. Brainium

Dr. Brainium
Every great hero needs a great villain to do battle with. Dr. Brainium isn’t a great villain, but he sure does like turning students into zombies. He is, however, a master of disguises and has pretended to be a school teacher on more than one occasion, just so he can create an army of student-zombie soldiers. No one knows why Dr. Brainium dislikes students so much, but it’s probably because kids are much easier to control when they’ve been brainwashed!

Dr. Brainium

Students who have been turned into zombies are extremely dangerous. After all, what’s worse than loving homework, vegetables, and not playing video games?! Trevor and Bo must save their fellow students from boredom by reversing the zombification process, which usually involves lots of junk food, video games, and sports. The best zombie cure is: just saying “no” to homework!

Learn About My Books

Invasion of the Gym Class Zombies

Trevor thought his zombie-busting days were over. Then his new teacher turned the gym class into radio-controlled jocks! Can Trevor save his zombified classmates from this muscle-bound madman?

Secret of the Summer School Zombies

Trevor thought nothing could be worse than spending the entire summer in school. Then his teachers turn into homework-crazed creatures! Now Trevor and his friend Filbert must find a way to stop the zombies. Or they'll be trapped inside the classroom of doom forever!

Night of the Homework Zombies

Another ordinary day at school for Trevor and his friend Bo, until… a strange substitute teacher turns the entire class into zombies! Trevor has his hands full this time, but to make matters worse, his friend Bo has become one of the homework-loving zombie students!

Day of the Field Trip Zombies

The evil scientist Dr. Brainium is up to something fishy. When Trevor and his class take a field trip to an aquarium, Dr. B. turns the students into radio-controlled zombies.

Learn About The Author

Scott Nickel
Scott Nickel works by day at Paws, inc., Jim Davis's famous Garfield studio. At night, Scott does freelance writing and focuses on not turning into a werewolf ever again. After all, it’s pretty hard to write books when your hands have turned into hairy paws. When he’s not a werewolf, Scott has created hundreds of funny greeting cards. He’s also written several children's books, comic strips, and lots of super-funny knock-knock jokes. Scott lives in Indiana with his wife, two sons, six cats, and several sea monkeys.

Steve Harpster
Steve Harpster has loved to draw mean monsters since he was a little monster himself. In first grade, he avoided doing schoolwork by drawing pictures for stories instead—including lots and lots of zombies. Now that this former monster has grown up, he spends his time drawing funny pictures for books, including goofy gadgets to keep the zombies at bay. Steve lives in Columbus, Ohio, with his wonderful wife, Karen, and their zombie sheepdog, Doodle.