Join best friends Robot and Rico on their crazy adventures!

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Robot is my best friend. We do everything together! No matter what I want to do, Robot has the right tool for the job. My favorite adventure is when we went camping. With Robot by my side, I know I can do anything!


Three years ago, my best friend Rico wished for a robot. He begged his parents for months and months. On his birthday, he got his wish, and I got a family. We’ve had lots of fun times together. Rico even taught me some cool skateboard tricks. I can’t wait to see what Rico wants to do next!

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The Scary Night
A crackling fire. Weird shadows. Strange noises. And a scary story. Are Robot and Rico ready for their first campout?

The Big Catch
Robot and Rico are off to the beach! Rico wants to catch the biggest fish, but Robot may end up with a bigger surprise.

Skate Trick
Roll! Jump! Flip! Rico has learned a lot of new skateboard tricks. Robot wants to learn too. Can Rico teach Robot, or will his skateboarding dreams disappear?

A Prize Inside
Rico is missing just one Hero Cat prize. Robot and Rico take a trip to the grocery store. With Robot's special tricks, Rico is sure he'll get the prize he wants. Even if he has to check every cereal box in the store!

The Pirate Map
Big hats. Plastic swords. And an old map. It's pirate time! Robot and Rico are ready to find the buried treasure.

Test Drive
Robot builds a new race car. But it doesn't seem to work. Robot and Rico are ready to get this car back on track!

Snow Games
After a long wait, the snow is falling. Rico is ready to race into some winter activities. Will Robot be able to keep up?

Dino Hunt
Look high! Look low! Look over! Look under! The dino hunt has begun, turning a day at the museum into another adventure for Robot and Rico.

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Anastasia Suen has always been very involved in books — from studying library science in junior high to working in the public library in high school. Anastasia has written more than 100 books and loves to go back into classrooms as a visiting author. Today Anastasia teaches writing at Southern Methodist University and continues to write children’s books. She is also an avid blogger.