My real name is Halo Nightly, but I’m often called Princess Candy. On my 11th birthday, my Aunt Pandora gave me a collection of jars filled with brightly colored candies. The candies give me incredible powers of shape-shifting and transformation.

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  • I'm eleven-years-old
  • I am independent, smart, and a bit of a tomboy
  • I love candy
  • I have a nemesis called Doozie Hiss
  • I live with my grandma in Midnight City

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Halo lives with her grandmother who is also eccentric. We can see where Halo gets her quirky streak. Grandma works as a cab driver. They live in a gigantic, sprawling, metropolis known as Midnight City.


Halo’s nemesis. The smartest, and meanest, girl in school. She has no friends, so she’s not the “popular princess.” in fact, everyone is afraid of her. [Her name Doozie is a nickname for Medusa: her hair has superpowers and can grow and move at will!]


Halo’s aunt has passed away before the story begins, but we sometimes see her in flashbacks or hear references about her. She is powerful, mysterious, beautiful, and perhaps a goddess!


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Sugar Hero

On Halo Nightly's eleventh birthday, her Aunt Pandora gives her a collection of jars filled with brightly colored candies. Soon she learns that the candies give her the incredible powers of nature. Halo uses the powers to combat Doozie Hiss, a rival student with superpowered hair.

The Marshmallow Mermaid

Swimmers are disappearing from the boys' swim team. No one can figure it out, until Halo investigates. A deadly mermaid lives in a cave connected to the swimming pool. Halo will have to use her special candy to turn into various underwater fauna to defeat the hungry girl-fish!

The Green Queen of Mean

The teacher, Mr. Slink, assigns an environmental project, and Halo Nightly pairs up with Flora, the school's resident treehugger. Their team has the assignment in the bag (reusable, of course). But when the evil Doozie Hiss ruins their chances for a good grade, Flora changes from happy hippie to eco-terror. With her superpowered candies, Halo faces off against the Green Queen of Mean!

The Evil Echo

With the evil Echo around, Halo Nightly faces her strongest villain yet — herself. Echo is a sneaky shape shifter that morphs into Halo and causes her all sorts of problems. When Echo steals Halo's candy, Halo is forced to battle someone who is every bit as powerful as she is.

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Michael Dahl is the author of more than 100 books for children and young adults. He has written The Everything Kid's Joke Book and Gotcha Covered! (with Kathleen Baxter for Libraries Unlimited) on nonfiction books that get kids excited about reading. His Finnegan Zwake mystery series (Simon & Schuster) won rave reviews and two of its titles were shortlisted for the Edgar and the Anthony Mystery Awards. His nonfiction has won the AEP Distinguished Achievement Award three times. Dahl has spoken at schools, libraries, and conferences across the country on graphic novels and books for boys, and has been a featured speaker at ALA, AASL, NYAEC, TLA, EncycloMedia and IRA.

A collection of jars that are contained within a special metal chest. Each jar holds a bunch of brightly colored candy that looks like gumdrops or jujubes, etc. The jars have labels such as FUEGO (Fire), AGUA (Water), VIENTO (Wind), SUELO (Earth), etc. Each time Halo eats the candy from a jar, she gets the specific superpower of that particular candy. In other words, she becomes a Fire Princess, or a Wind Princess, etc. But the powers only last several minutes at a time. She must choose her candy carefully when battling evil-doers, or saving the swim team from a hungry mermaid who lives at the bottom of the school pool!