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Mia and I are best friends.
We live right next to each other and hang out after school almost every day. We like to take my dog, Rex, to the dog park or hang out with our other friends. We spend lots of time playing with or helping animals — we both like it that way!
  Kyle is right, we are best friends. We both love animals, and Kyle’s mom is a veterinarian — lucky for us since there are always lots of animal adventures happening in our neighborhood! I just wish I could get my cat, Misty, to like Kyle as much as I do!

What My Family Members Have to Say About Me:

Rex is Kyle’s yellow lab. He loves playing fetch and chasing balls . . . and squirrels. Rex is really well behaved and knows lots of tricks. He’s one of the smartest dogs in the world, according to Kyle. In fact, sometimes he’s too smart and gets in trouble!   Misty is Mia’s cat. She’s smart like Rex, but she definitely doesn’t like to listen. Misty does what she wants, and that’s that. She loves Mia, but that’s about it. She doesn’t really care for Kyle, Rex, or anyone else for that matter!

What My Classmates Have to Say About Me:

Mrs. Lockwood is our fourth grade teacher at Bear Valley Elementary School. She has lots of fun ways to teach us new things. Dr. Blake is Kyle’s mom. She’s a veterinarian and has her own clinic in town — right next door to Kyle’s house! Dr. Blake knows everything about animals and helps Kyle, Mia, and the rest of their friends with a lot of their pet problems. She is always willing to help an animal in need. Ryan is in our fourth-grade class at Bear Valley Elementary School and one of our good friends. One time, we helped him with his science experiment that used mice! At first he was scared to hold them, so we taught him how to cup mice in your hand.
Emma is one of our classmates, too. Her mom is allergic to animal fur, so she can’t have pets like Rex or Misty. Emma was really upset that she’d never be a pet-owner, but luckily, we helped her find a no-sneeze pet that makes her happy and keeps her mom safe! Mr. J is short for Mr. Jabowski. He’s the owner of Mr. J’s Pet Haven, the best pet store in town. He really likes kids and is very nice to all his customers. He always seems to know the answer to our pet questions and always remembers what our pets like. Mr. J has a pet of his own —a parrot named Jethro. Jethro learned to talk from Mr. J’s kids, so he’s pretty funny, even if he does tell us to “Get lost!” a lot. We love to feed
him treats.

Learn About My Books

A No-Sneeze Pet

Kyle and Mia are determined to help their friend, Emma, find a pet that won't make her mom sneeze. But Emma doesn't want a pet she can't cuddle, and Kyle and Mia are running out of ideas. Will they ever come up with the perfect no-sneeze pet, or is Emma out of luck?

Mice Capades

The science fair at Kyle and Mia's school is going great until the mice from a classmate's experiment make a break for it! With two runaway mice on the loose, it leads to some unexpected mice capades.

The Great Kitten Challenge

When Kyle and Mia discover three abandoned kittens, they know they have to help. Kyle and Mia take turns caring for the kittens, but they both already have pets of their own. Will they be able to find the perfect home for the kittens they've come to love?

The Doggone Dog

When Kyle and Mia come across a dog with a collar but no tags, they're not sure what to do. The dog seems to miss his owner, but no one has reported him missing. Kyle and Mia don't know where to start. Will they ever track down the doggone dog's real home?

Learn About My Books

Diana G. Gallagher

Diana G. Gallagher lives in Florida with three dogs, eight cats, and a cranky parrot. She has written more than 90 books. When she’s not writing, Gallagher likes gardening, garage sales, and spending time with her grandchildren.

Adriana Isabel Juárez Puglisi

Adriana Isabel Juárez Puglisi has been a freelance illustrator and writer for more than twenty years and loves telling stories. She currently lives in Granada, Spain with her husband, son, daughter, two dogs, a little bird, and several fish.