• Pet: Ajax, a rat, who is her lucky charm!
  • Favorite Animal: Rats
  • Favorite Sport: Gymnanstics
  • Favorite Food: Cake
  • Pet: Buddy, a dog, who loves food!
  • Favorite Animal: Dogs
  • Favorite Sport: Football
  • Favorite Food: EVERYTHING!
  • Pet: Daisy, a cat, who loves adventure and keeps Kayla busy!
  • Favorite Animal: Cats
  • Favorite Sport: Volleyball
  • Favorite Food: Apples with peanut butter
  • Pet: Nibbles, a fish, who is always there to comfort Andy when he is scared
  • Favorite Animal: Fish
  • Favorite Sport: Swimming
  • Favorite Food: Pizza

Gwendolyn Hooks


"Best friends! There's nothing better than best friends especially when they love pets as much as you do."

I am passionate about writing for young readers and I love seeing their faces when I read a funny story to them. I write about people, animals, and things that fascinate me. I try to incorporate that into my writing, so readers are just as fascinated about the world around them as I am.


Gwendolyn Hooks was born in Savannah, Georgia, and lived in Texas, Washington, and Italy thanks to her Air Force dad. She earned a degree in secondary math education from the University of Missouri in St. Louis. After teaching middle school math, Gwendolyn decided to follow her new passion, writing for children. She loves visiting schools and libraries sharing her writing life with students. For inspiration, she turns to her husband, three kids and a cat.

Find the Cat!

Kayla's cat, Daisy, is missing. Kayla is so worried. She calls her friends, and soon enough the entire Pet Club is on the case.

The Best Trick

It's pet day at school, and Jake is really excited. His dog, Buddy, has so many cool tricks. But when it's time for Buddy to perform, not much happens.

The Noisy Night

The Pet Club is going camping! From bonfires and tasty treats to scary stories and strange noises, this will be one fun adventure!

Pets at the Party

Lucy is throwing Ajax a birthday party. She remembers balloons, games, and cake. But something is missing. Will the party be ruined?

The Pet Wash

Jake wants to buy a gift for his teacher, but he doesn't have any money. Jake calls the Pet Club into action, and they have a pet wash to earn some money. Will they raise enough money to buy Mr. Carter a present?

The Best Trick

Lucy's pet rat, Ajax, is her lucky charm. When Ajax is around, Lucy is a great tumbler. Without him, her flips flop. Will Ajax be able to help Lucy during her big gymnastics meet?

The Cat Food Mystery

When Kayla discovers that something is eating Daisy's cat food, she immediately calls the Pet Club to action. They grab their pets and start to gather clues. Will they solve the case of the cat food thief?

Pets Costume Party

Andy is having a Halloween party for the Pet Club. All of his friends and their pets are going to dress up. However, Andy doesn't have a costume for his pet fish, Nibbles. What kind of costume will work for a fish?