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I’m Walter, a super-smart guy and all-around good dude. While exploring a local museum, I found an ancient puzzle. Using my big ol’ brain, I solved it! And guess what? That old puzzle gave me AMAZING superpowers! With those powers, I’m ready to take down big-time baddies and keep the people of Busyville safe.


How did my plain ol’ pooch become a superhero?! It all started one quiet day at home. I noticed that mysterious puzzle I completed had one extra piece left over. While studying the piece, I dropped it in front of my pup. Mistaking it for a treat, my pooch pal gobbled it up before I could stop him. Incredibly, that puzzle piece must've given you superpowers too. Now we can walk the streets of Busvyille together, sniffing out crime and barking at trouble!

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Lean About My Books

CHRIS “ELIO” ELIOPOULOS is a professional illustrator and cartoonist from Chicago! He is also an adjunct professor at Columbia College Chicago in the art and design department. He is the writer and artist on several all-ages graphic novels and series: “Okie Dokie Donuts” published by Top Shelf; “Gabba Ball!” published by Oni Press; and “Monster Party” published by Koyama Press. OTHER clients include Disney Animation Studios, Yo Gabba Gabba!, Nick Jr., Cloudkid, and Simon and Schuster.

  For those who might be new to your Mr. Puzzle, can you tell us a little more ?
  Mr. Puzzle is a superhero that can bend, stretch, shrink, and grow. He can basically do any thing. He’s a perfect fit for any problem! In this all-ages free comic book, Mr. Puzzle will use his incredible puzzle powers to stop a freeloading mouse from stealing cable TV, make friends with a salad eating mold monster, and tap dance battle a bully bulldozer robot on a shaky bridge!

  What has been your favorite part of book or character to tackle?
  I love writing and making up bad guys. They like to shout and let everyone know why they are upset. They all act like two-year-olds with temper tantrums.

  Why should people read Mr. Puzzle?
  It’s a lot of fun, totally silly, and lighthearted. If this comic book were food, it would be a bag of gummy bears.

  What’s your favorite part about working in comics?
  Drawing all day long!

  What was the first comic you remember reading?
  The Super Mario Adventures inside every issue of Nintendo
Power Magazine.

  Tell us why everyone should read comic books?
  What else are you going to read? Furniture assembly instructions
or dishwasher owner manuals—yuck!