Like every kid in town, I have a pet monster. However, I refuse to keep my monster, Dwight, in the closet. I am trying to help Dwight overcome his low self-esteem issues.

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Gabby is a 12-year-old girl with dark hair, glasses, and is just pudgy enough to put her on the gym teachers’ hit list. She’s convinced she’s cool, of course, but no one agrees with her.

She goes her own way and has her own style—somewhere between flower child and punk rocker. She’s a brainiac who loves rock-n-roll and cars—only her favorite rock star is Elton John and Her favorite car the Mini Cooper.

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Gabby’s mother looks smart and appears to have a bit of an edge—she could have been a rebellious hipster in her day. Now, however, she’s an overworked mother, who tries to save the world as an environmental lawyer and still be supportive to her daughter.


Dwight a large monster, possibly six to seven feet tall. At first glance, Dwight looks a bit menacing (he is a monster, after all), but he’s really just a gentle creature. The monster is both a beast and a huggable teddy bear to Gabby.


Gabby’s father is an aging rocker who has never given up the dream. He has a disheveled Elvis-hairdo and a well-worn tiger-print jacket, but his eyes and smile are on high beam. This guy loves life and sees only good days ahead—even if no one else can. Obviously, Gabby is a perfect mixture of her mother and father.


Well past sixty-years-old, he hides his age beneath a curly, and sadly obvious wig that looks like it was made in the seventies. English teacher by day, he hates and is bored by his day job. But he runs the after-school drama program. That’s where he pours every ounce of his frenetic and obsessive energy. The theater – that’s where it’s at, baby!


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Monster and Me

Gabby refuses to keep her monster, Dwight, in the closet. When she takes him to school, the drama teacher takes a liking to the beastly pet. He wants the monster to play Scrooge in the annual Christmas production.

Monster in the Outfield

During a faculty versus the students baseball game, the teachers try some dirty tricks to win. Luckily, the students have a monster on their team. With the help of Gabby's beastly pet, Dwight, the student team might stand a chance of winning. Or, maybe not!

Monster Moneymaker

When funding takes a cut, a new student creates a plan to save the school's lunch program. A candy drive! Gabby and her pet monster, Dwight, like the idea until the new kid starts racking up sales with help from his own beastly best friend. Dwight will have to pick up the pace, or raise the price of lollipops, if he's going to become a Monster Moneymaker.

Monster Speller

Gabby's pet monster is supposed to compete at the district-wide spelling bee. But how can Dwight be a champion speller when no one understands him? After speech therapy fails, it seems the only answer is an interpreter. But if Vice Principal Burns has anything to say about it, there won't be an interpreter or a monster speller.