Hi! I’m Monica Murray and I love horses! Of course, I also like hanging out with my friends, watching TV, listening to music, writing, shopping, sleeping in on weekends. . . all the usual stuff.

  • I’m thirteen and I’m a Taurus.
  • My horse, Lancelot, is the best!
  • My least favorite thing to do is babysit my stepsister, Angela.
  • I hate anchovies.
  • I can text 35 words per minute!
  • I have a lot of best friends and they are all important to me in different ways.


Claudia is one of my best friends. She has a busy life dealing dealing with school, work, family and friends. But she’s cool and confident. And she gives great advice!


Chloe is my friend from Rock Creek Stables. Lancelot belongs to her mom, but I can ride him whenever I want.


Becca loves art. She’s even won some contests. When she grows up, she wants to be an art teacher.


Rory is in eighth grade at Rock Creek Middle School, and he works at the stable. He’s one of the smartest, sweetest, cutest guys I’ve ever met. Chloe thinks he likes me...

Monica tries hard to be nice to her 8-year-old stepsister, but it’s hard. When she has to spend the whole day with Angela, it seems like Angela’s trying to sabotage her at every turn. Will Monica make it through the day?

Every year, Rock Creek Stables hosts a barn dance, and the proceeds benefit hungry horses. It’s such a worthy cause that Monica wants to get involved. But kids at Pine Tree Middle School won’t go to a dance in Rock Creek. How can Monica prove the Pine Tree kids care too?

Monica has the chance of a lifetime; she’s been asked to ride with her friends in a parade! But the problem is, the parade is for the Rock Creek football team, and they’re Pine Tree Middle Schools rivals in the big games. How can she support her school and her friends from Rock Creek, and still ride in the parade?

Monica and her Rock Creek Stables friends are headed on a trail ride for the weekend. But from the start, things go wrong; Monica’s horse can’t go, so she has to ride an old pony. Will the trail ride be able to find its way back on track?

Monica and Chloe are on a trip with Monica's stepfather. When they meet an adorable cowboy and his friends, will Logan embarrass Monica or let her have fun?

Monica wants Rory's band to win the Battle of the Bands, but Claudia is cheering for Brad's band. How can best friends let boys come between them?

Monica was already nervous about riding in her first horse show. Then she hears Rory making a bet that she'll do well. If she doesn't, will she let him down?

Monica is in charge for the weekend. Of course, it turns out to be the most hectic weekend ever.