In a strange corner of the world is the haunted country of Transylmania, the birthplace of heroes and legendary creatures, such as Frankenstein, Dracula, and the Wolfman. But before they were famous, they were a team of monstrous kids known as the Mighty Mighty Monsters.


  • Nickname: The Count
  • Hometown: Transylmania
  • Famous Monster to be: Vlad Dracula
  • Favorite Color: Blood red
  • Favorite Animal: Bats
  • Mighty Mighty Powers:
    • - the ability to live forever
    • - the power of flight
    • - able to transform into a bat
    • - superpowered fangs


  • Nickname: Wolfie
  • Hometown: Transylmania
  • Famous Monster to be: The Wolfman
  • Hometown: Transylmania
  • Favorite Color: Brown (like his fur)
  • Favorite Animal: Anything but cats
  • Mighty Mighty Powers:
    • - shape-shifting, or the ability to transform into a wolf
    • - super-scent
    • - super-hearing


  • Nickname: Hunchie
  • Hometown: Transylmania
  • Favorite Color: Green
  • Favorite Animal: Camels
  • Mighty Mighty Powers:
    • - super sixth-sense
    • - his “hunches” are never wrong
    • - small enough to fit into tiny spaces

Witchita and Creech

  • Nicknames: Witchy and Fire Breath
  • Hometown: Transylmania
  • Favorite Color: Black
  • Favorite Animal: Black Cats
  • Mighty Mighty Powers:
    • - Witchita has magical superpowers
    • - Creech has the ability to breath fire
    • - together, they are unstoppable


  • Nickname: Kit
  • Hometown: Tokyo, Japan
  • Favorite Color: Pink
  • Favorite Animal: Foxes
  • Mighty Mighty Powers:
    • - superhuman quickness on her feet
    • - cleverness
    • - extraordinary leaping ability
    • - super friendliness

Frankie and Mary

  • Nicknames: Frank and M
  • Famous Monsters to be: Frankenstein and the Bride of Frankenstein
  • Favorite Colors: Red and yellow
  • Mighty Mighty Powers:
    • - superhuman strength
    • - ability to smash through concrete with a single blow
    • - able to lift 10 times their body weight
    • - together, their powers are doubled
  1. POTO is actually a nickname. His full name is Phantom of the Opera. P.O.T.O., see?
  2. Talbot’s full name is Lawrence Talbot. That’s also his dad’s name, but Talbot doesn’t like to be called “Larry” or “Junior.”
  3. Milton avoids the beach. He hates getting sand between his bones! Especially his phalanges, which are his toe bones.
  4. Kitsune comes from Japan, where her relatives are also fox creatures. Some of them have more than one tail! The more tails a kitsune has, the wiser and more powerful it is.
  5. Igor loves humpback whales.
  6. While many people enjoy bird watching, Mary likes to stay up late and go star watching. Her favorite constellation is called The Northern Crown, or Crown of Ariadne, which is named after a famous Greek princess.
  7. Witchita got her pet pal Creech from her Aunt Endorable.
  8. If Creech eats too many tacos, he starts burping fire.
  9. Frankie’s mother keeps green-colored band-aids in the medicine cabinet.
  10. Vlad can clock up to 35 miles per hour when he flies at top speed. But that’s still not as fast as the world’s speediest bat, the Mexican free-tail, which can race along at 40 mph and dive at 80 mph!
  11. Here’s Claude’s favorite joke: “What’s purple and conquered the world? Alexander the Grape.” Mary insists that the real answer to that question is her uncle, Attila the Plum, who was purple and once ruled over half of Europe and Asia.
  12. Samhain, also known as the King of Halloween, has an interesting name. Samhain is the old Irish word for November, which is the month of All Saints Day

The Mighty Mighty Monsters must relight the flame of Halloween. If they don't, the haunted holiday could be extinguished for good.

Before the Mighty Mighty Monsters can play Hide and Seek, they need to make some rules. No flying like a vampire bat, no sniffing like a werewolf, and absolutely no magic!

What frightens Frankenstein? When the Mighty Mighty Monsters get lost in the woods, they'll discover that even the mightiest of monsters can get spooked.

When you're a Mighty Mighty Monster, spending the night in a haunted mansion should be easy. Unfortunately, no one told that to the ghosts.

When one of the Mighty Mighty Monsters' pets goes missing, they all must lend a hand, or a paw, or a claw. . .

Being the new kid at school is never easy, especially when you're a monster! Luckily, in Transylmania, the other kids are monsters too.

The monsters are ready for a relaxing day at the beach. However, the day is anything but relaxing! The group meets a young, lonely Loch Ness Monster named Gill who is scared of the water.

The Mighty Mighty Monsters are going on a field trip to the museum in the city. Like most of their outings, things get a little crazy.

The monsters are enjoying a day at the annual scare fair when Milton runs into trouble. Cursed with bad luck, he breaks all the mirrors in the infamous hall of mirrors. The scare fair is already having money trouble, and Milton must find a way to replace the mirrors and make the fair popular again.

When Mary's favorite skateboard disappears, she fingers Frankie as the culprit. And things only get worse when Frankie loses his favorite action figure and blames Mary. The monsters need to solve the case of the missing toys to regain their friendship.

While the other monsters are ready for some summer fun, Talbot is stuck in summer school. Instead of doing the 20-page book report, Talbot finds a treasure map in the library and decides it is more important than school...

The Abominable Snow Kid

Winter has pounced on Transylmania in full force. While the kids are thrilled to have a snow day, their good times are cut short when they realize the cause: An Abominable Snow Kid has moved to Transylmania, and she has brought the cold weather along with her. Will the Mighty, Mighty Monsters be able to fend off this frozen fiend?

The Gremlin's Curse

Vlad the usually unflappable vampire is having a really bad day -- so bad that he begins to wonder if he's cursed! The Mighty, Mighty Monsters try to help him out, but they seem to only add to Vlad's bad luck. But when the gang spots a new gremlin following Vlad around, they begin to wonder if the little imp has cast a bad luck curse on their friend.

Homesick Witch

Witchita is leaving for the Salem School of Witchcraft, a special school that will have her away for the entire summer. The Mighty, Mighty Monsters are sad to see her go, but Witchita is excited to learn all new sorts of witchery. A few days after she leaves, they receive a letter from Wichita saying that she's monstrously miserable! The gang immediately hits the road to save their sorrowful friend from summer school.

Science Fair Nightmare

It's time for the Transylmania Science Fair! Each of the Mighty, Mighty Monsters have their eyes on the grand prize, but no one wants to share. With each monster hoping to snatch up the winnings for themselves, lines are drawn and friends become foes. Will the spirit of competition win out, or will the green-eyed monster break up the gang forever?

The Monster Crooks

After a bag mix up earlier in the day, Vlad and the monster gang become part of a crazy art heist. They've found the thugs who stole the art from the museum, but now they must find a way to save themselves!