Journey to a world where monsters roam. Deep in the sea, there's a gold-loving monster. A tongue-twisted monster calls the city home. High in the mountains, a monster with bad breath works alone. And an eye-less monster digs and dances in her underground home. Learn more about these four quirky monsters.

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The sea is home to Ora and her many golden treasures. Ora loves gold more than anything. She has fought giants and competed in contests just to get more gold. In her free time, this fire-breathing gal loves to dance! Rumba anyone?


Three Claws
Three Claws calls a mountain peak home. His big eye and three sharp claws make him a perfect mountain guard. Sure, it’s a little lonely living on top of the mountain by himself. But as long as he has some rotten fish — his favorite food — Three Claws is happy.


Snorp loves living in the city. His long tongue makes him a great window washer. And he loves looking over his sparkling work. After work, he enjoys dining in fine restaurants and going shopping, especially for shoes!


Living underground is perfect for a digger like Moopy. Her quiet home might feel a little lonely, but it is just right for Moopy! When she takes a break from all that digging, Moopy can be found cooking, dancing, or relaxing on the beach.

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Ora, the Sea Monster
With the promise of gold as a reward, Ora decides to help a little boy and fight a scary giant.

Snorp, the City Monster
When Snorp's tongue causes him problems, his cousin Barker teaches him a very important lesson.

Moopy, the Underground Monster
Moopy is used to being alone, and that is how she likes it. So what should she do when a visitor stops by her home?

Three Claws, the Mountain Monster
Three Claws is a great monster, but all the rotten fish makes his breath smell really bad. What can the other monsters do?

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Cari Meister is the author of many books for children, including the My Pony Jack series and Luther's Halloween.She has also written several Stone Arch Readers books, including the Ocean Tales and Buss Beaker series. She lives on a small farm in Minnesota with her husband, four sons, three horses, one dog and one cat. Cari enjoys running, snowshoeing, horseback riding, and yoga. She loves to visit libraries and schools!