Here’s the number-one thing you need to know about me: my biggest dream is to be a beauty queen!

  • I live in Jacksonville, Texas
  • I have two brothers, T.J. and Ugly Brother. (Ugly Brother is a dog, but don’t tell him! He thinks he’s a real, true person.)
  • Everybody I love lives right here in Jacksonville. Momma and Daddy, T.J. and Ugly Brother, Nanny and Pa, Granny and Pappy, and all my cousins and aunts and uncles.
  • Color: Pink
  • Food: Cookies
  • School Subject: Art
  • Thing to wear: My Tiara
  • Cara is one of my best friends. She is really good at basketball.

  • Lucy is my best cousin. We are in the same class at school. She can be shy, but when you get to know her, she’s the best.

  • Susie is another friend from school. She rides my bus!

  • Miss Clarabelle is my next-door neighbor. Her color is purple. Sometimes, I help her weed her garden.

  • Mr. Jim is my bus driver. A lot of kids think he’s mean, but I think he’s real nice.


Kylie Jean just knows she’d be the perfect Blueberry Queen.

Kylie Jean wants to be the Queen of Hearts in the class play.

Kylie Jean has a new goal— being the Hoop Queen.

Kylie Jean must learn tricks so she can be Rodeo Queen.

Kylie Jean wants to be a prima ballerina.

Kylie is her brother’s biggest fan when he’s on the field.

Kylie Jean wants to win the talent show.

Can Kylie Jean win the spelling bee?

Kylie Jean's get-rich-quick scheme turns into a fundraising operation to help puppies.

Kylie Jean wants to be a pirate queen, but the boys in her class don't think girls can be pirates. Can Kylie Jean and her friends change their minds?

Kylie Jean loves slumber parties, but she's starting to get homesick.

Kylie Jean is determined to be the queen of summer camp!

Between party planning and a school project, there’s a lot happening, but Kylie Jean is still determined to be the valentine queen!

Kylie Jean is doing everything she can to make sure Jacksonville is fit for a green queen and gets crowned the “Prettiest Town in Texas.”

Join Kylie Jean in making all kids of crafts, from rodeo to pirate designs.