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  • Lives in an apartment with his mom
  • Thinks best while chewing gum, drinking milk, and taking a bath

Favorite food: Carpenter's chewing gum
Favorite drink: Ice-cold milk
Favorite activity: Solving mysteries

Learn About My Books

After School Ghost Hunter

Klooz's school has spirit! A ghost, in fact. Mr. Boston, the janitor, claims the hallways are haunted. Klooz doesn't believe in ghosts, so he'll investigate after school.

The Big Stink

Someone is stealing newspapers from Olga's newsstand. Klooz has only one clue to help him — a terrible stink the criminal has left behind.

Clues in the Car Wash

Someone scratched Olga's new luxury car. The trail of clues leads Klooz to the car wash on Main Street, where he discovers that cleaning cars can be a dirty business!

Computer Crook

A violent computer game is all the rage, but no one knows who's making it. Klooz is going to stop the crooks from putting out the game, but when they sabotage his computer, he's permanently offline!

Detective's Duel

Klooz is the best fifth-grade detective in town, right? Wrong! A kid named King shows up and starts stealing, and solving, all the local mystery cases. So the two boys challenge each other to a duel.

The Great Snake Swindle

Klooz has learned a lot since his very first mystery case. It all starts with a missing dad, a kid named Snake, a spooky abandoned building, and a handful of magic, mysterious balls.

The Mysterious Mask

Klooz could always count on a dish of chocolate and lemon ice cream at his friend Giovanni's shop, Cool Stuff. But ever since Giovanni hung a weird mask on the wall, nothing is the same. The coffeemaker explodes, the ice crusher breaks. Is the mask cursed?

The Night of the Blue Heads

A strange phone call leads Klooz to an abandoned house--and straight into one of his weirdest cases. Can Klooz solve the mystery before he loses his cool and starts seeing red?

The Secret of the Flying Cows

The second Klooz goes on vacation, strange things start happening. Someone is trying to scare the kid detective! It seems that Klooz can?t get a break from crime busting, even when he?s trying to relax!

The Snarling Suspect

Olga's friend Bill the Mask has a problem. His dog has been accused of a crime! Bill says his dog has been set up--but why? It'll take all of Klooz's detective skills to sniff out the real suspect.

Trouble Under the Big Top

The Zampano Circus is in town! Vanessa is the best juggler in the circus, but she keeps making the same mistake: one of her juggling pins flies into the audience! And then it flies back! Can Klooz solve the puzzle of the boomerang juggler?

Undercover Goalie

The goalie on the Horton Street Hornets is great during practice, but he's terrible during real games. Klooz has been hired to figure out what's making the goalie freeze up. Will he solve the mystery?


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