Whenever Chip Stone is in danger, he's instantly transformed into a hulking beast with a giant head of rock. Greater than granite, mightier than marble, and smart as, uh, well as a rock. Although this amazing power helps Chip overcome or, more accurately, smash apart his fears, the transformations aren't helping his social life.

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Chip Stone

An extremely skinny, pasty, and fragile 13-year-old boy, Chip has bright red hair and freckles and wears normal, everyday clothes—nothing too showy or nerdy, just average.
Nickname: Chicken Sandwich (Chip is not happy about this embarrassing moniker, which was created by the bully Troy Perkins).

The Incredible Rockhead

Chip Stone’s alter ego. When Chip Stone transforms into Rockhead, his head, of course, turns into a giant rock. It is oversized and too big for his body, which doesn’t change form. The rest of Chip’s body doesn't change except for turning the color of stone.

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Chip’s best friend; Spencer is a 13-year-old boy. He is chubby, although he wears it well. Besides Chip, Spencer’s other big hero is Elvis Pachinko, the Ukrainian figure-skating superstar!
Strength: Hair Styling
Weakness: Designer Clothing


Chip’s love interest; a 13-year-old girl. She is the queen of the school and is always followed around by a pack of wannabe friends.
Strength: Bullying nerds & geeks
Weakness: The principal


The bully; Troy is 15-years-old – he’s been held back a few grades. He looks like an out-of-date frat boy—a tuft of blonde hair sticking out of his backward trucker hat, white hi-top shoes, cargo pants, and a mesh football jersey.
Strength: Dancing, gossip
Weakness: Being nice


How to Draw Rockhead
Thumb Wrestling

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The Incredible Rockhead

Chip Stone becomes part of a strange experiment. He develops the power to become an enormous, hulking rockhead. Talk about weird!

The Dozer Strikes!

The Incredible Rockhead experiment isn't going according to plan. To capture Chip Stone and bring him to the secret testing facility, the evil General creates a new mutant — the Dozer! This super high-tech and somewhat sleep kid creature will stop at nothing to complete his mission. Look out, Rockhead, the bully
Dozer is about to strike!

The Incredible Rockhead and the Spectacular Scissorlegz

The Incredible Rockhead and the Spectacular Scissorlegz team up to tackle a task far greater than either has ever known! Their mission: to seek out and defeat the man behind countless evil experiments, the mutant-making General himself. Upon arriving at his secret headquarters, the duo finds dozens of teenage mutants locked up like twisted science experiments -- and some of them aren't happy to have visitors. Unable to tell friend from foe, the two superheroes will have to fight through the ranks of the General's minions, and make some mutant friends, to have any chance at defeating their sinister creator.

The Incredible Rockhead vs Papercut! The Incredible Rockhead vs Papercut!

Chip Stone, a.k.a. the Incredible Rockhead, has yet to meet his match -- until now. Rockhead is up against an enemy designed to defeat him -- Papercut! With the entire school watching, this paper tiger is looking to cover Rockhead in the most action-packed game of paper, rock, scissors the world has ever seen. Is this the end of our boulder-headed hero, or will Rock find a way to hammer Paper into pulp?

The Incredible Rockhead: Rock, Paper, Scissorlegz

Whenever Chip Stone's in danger, he's instantly transformed into a hulking beast with a giant head of rock.  Although the power helps him smash apart his fears, the transformations aren't helping his social life.  The comic-book-style artwork and dynamic characters make this series a hit with boys everywhere.