The Hound Hotel hosts all kinds of dogs, and each one has their own distinct personality. Find out more about each of the different breeds below!

SIZE: Medium
PERSONALITY: Happy, friendly, and curious.
ENERGY LEVEL: Very active, quick and energetic.
GROOMING: Beagles shed a lot and should be
brushed at least twice a week.
Golden Retriever

SIZE: Medium
PERSONALITY: Friendly, devoted, and intelligent.
ENERGY LEVEL: Very active and energetic.
GROOMING: The Golden Retriever’s thick coat can be wavy or straight, and should be brushed twice a week.
Yorkshire Terrier

SIZE: Small
PERSONALITY: Affectionate, excited, and energetic.
ENERGY LEVEL: Somewhat active.
GROOMING: The Yorkie’s silky coat should be
brushed daily.
West Highland Terrier

SIZE: Small
PERSONALITY: Smart, happy, curious, and loyal.
ENERGY LEVEL: Very active and lively.
GROOMING: The Westie should be occasionally
brushed or combed.


Welcome to Hound Hotel, the perfect place to board your canine family members. Readers will enjoy meeting all sorts of dogs through the eyes of eight-year-old Alfie Wolfe, the good-hearted, funny narrator. Every dog that visits the kennel has different needs, and Alfie and his twin sister, Alfreeda, are ready to serve them. The problem is the twins usually disagree about what those needs are! There is one thing they always agree on, though: there’s nothing better than a dog!



Shelley Sateren
Shelley Swanson Sateren is the award-winning author of many children’s books. She has worked as a children’s book editor and in a children’s bookstore. Today, besides writing, Shelley works with elementary-school-aged children in various settings. She lives in St. Paul, Minnesota, with her husband and two sons.