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Nickname: My real name is Ferdinand, but almost everyone calls me Furry. It might seem like an odd nickname, but it will make more sense when you learn my big hairy secret...I’m a werewolf!
Hometown: I’ve lived in Corman Towers since I was five years old, but that’s not where I was born.
I grew up a long way away—in a completely
different word. Literally!

Favorites: Pizza, macaroni and cheese,
popsicles. I really like food! (Turning into a werewolf makes me really hungry.)

Special talents: Burping—trust me, it comes in handy when I need to change in a hurry!


Nickname: I guess Flo is technically my nickname, but don’t try calling me anything else. No one ever uses my full name, which is Florence, but don’t tell anyone that! I’m proud to say I’ve hated my real name since I was two-years-old.

Hometown: My mom and I have moved around a lot. And even though Corman Towers is the by far the weirdest place we’ve ever lived, it’s growing on me. And so is Furry . . . but don’t tell him that.

Favorites: Turkey sandwiches—they’re my
specialty. I never leave home without one.

Special talents: I’m a great sandwich maker and an even better detective. Lucky for me, Corman Towers has more than a few mysteries to solve.

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Flo Gardner isn't exactly thrilled when she and her mom move into Corman Towers, a giant apartment building in the middle of the city. To call their new home strange is a major understatement. And things only get weirder when she meets Ferdinand, better known as Furry. It doesn't take Flo long to realize that there's more than one secret lurking in her new home.


Furry and Flo thought their problems were solved when they got rid of the monster spiders at Corman Towers. But the magic portal in the basement isn't quite as sealed as they thought, and soon they're up to their necks in trouble once again. As Furry and Flo come to learn, the problem with goblins is there's never just one.


When piles of sand start showing up all over Corman Towers, it can only mean one thing - trouble. Sure enough, a mummy has escaped from the mysterious crack in the basement. It's up to Furry and Flo to guide the mummy back to his own world. But when they fall through the crack too, Furry and Flo find themselves in a whole new world of trouble. As the portal home grows smaller and smaller, the two friends must work together to solve an ancient riddle before they're stuck there forever!


When a repairman at Corman Towers finds a small sapphire brooch in the laundry room and decides to take it home, trouble is unleashed once again. The mysterious crack in the basement is blown open, and an army of skeletons emerges! Furry's werewolf nose smells something it can't resist - bones. When Furry and Flo head to the park across the street, they find hundreds of skeletons causing all kinds of chaos. It's up to Furry and Flo to deal with the undead army once and for all!

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Thomas Kingsley Troupe

Thomas Kingsley Troupe writes, makes movies, and works as a firefighter/EMT. He’s written many books for kids, including Legend of the Vampire and Mountain Bike Hero, and has two boys of his own. He likes zombies, bacon, orange Popsicles, and reading stories to his kids. Thomas currently lives in Woodbury, Minnesota, with his super cool family.

Stephen Gilpin

Stephen Gilpin is the illustrator of several dozen children’s books and is currently working on a project he hopes will give him the ability to walk through walls—although he acknowledges there is still a lot of work to be done on this project. He currently lives in Hiawatha, Kansas, with his genius wife Angie and their kids.