For the most part, I’m an ordinary third-grader at Winkopolis Elementary School…if you don’t count the fact that I’m also a superhero, that is! My parents are super-genius scientists who build gadgets for B.R.A.I.N., a group that fights super-villains. So what does being a third-grade superhero entail? Aside from doing homework and battling my third-grade archenemy, Dex Diggs, who might secretly be an evil mastermind, I’ve also battled real super-villains. I’ve taken on evil alien blobs, the royal pest Queen Bee, and Doomsday, the trickiest prankster in the comic book world, among other baddies. Luckily my teacher, Miss Little, is understanding!

I bet you want to know what my super powers are, too, don’t you? I have the power of X-ray vision, flight, super speed, invisibility, heating power, supersonic hearing, and mind-reading — this only works on people, not animals, zombies, or robots.
When I’m not saving my school and the city of Winkopolis from doom by busting bad guys, here are some of my other favorite things!
  • Playing Superhero Flight School on the swings
  • Having fun with Super Fluffy, my best dog friend
  • Reading comic books, especially the ones about Princess Power, my favorite super-character
  • Hearing about Mom and Dad's latest inventions — they're always cooking up something new in their basement lab!

My super bestie is an expert tap and ballet dancer. She loves reading, Dance Cat Academy, her favorite comic-book series. (Our love of comic books is something Hannah and I have in common!) Hannah's favorite character from, Dance Cat Academy, is, KitKat — she’s just crazy about that dancing cat!
My friend Payton is soccer star — but, as good as she is, she’s also a team player.
My friend Amanda is so creative and a great writer — she likes writing poems in her journal, and sharing them with me, and the rest of our class.
Can an archenemy be a friend? Not so far — Dex Diggs is a third-grade master meanie. He’s determined to take over our class, our school, and maybe even our city. His rotten pineapple face might scare some, but not me!
she’s a superhero. She fights alien blobs. She knows about death-ray safety. She flies through the sky, and sees through walls. Saving the world is all in a day’s work for Ellie, but fitting in, in the mostly normal town of Winkopolis? Not so much. Tackling everyday problems can be harder than taking down a super-villain when you're a third-grade superhero! Being a super kid isn’t easy, and nobody knows that better than Ellie Ultra. Chapter-book readers will be charmed by Ellie and her super sense of adventure in these girl-centric superhero stories.
is an ordinary grown-up who can do many extraordinary things. She can make things disappear, such as a cheeseburger or a grass stain. She can create a masterpiece out of glitter, glue, and shoelaces. She can even thwart a messy room with her super-cleaning power! Gina lives in Park Ridge, Illinois, not too far from Winkopolis, with her husband, and their super kids.
loves creating — especially when it inspires and empowers others to make the world a better place. She landed her first illustration job at the age of seventeen and hasn’t looked back since. Jess is an illustrator who loves humor and heart, and has colored her way through projects with, Nickelodeon, Fisher-Price, and Atomic Cartoons, to name a few. In her spare moments, Jess can be found long-boarding, yoga-ing, dancing, adventuring to distant lands, and laughing with friends. She currently lives in sunny Kelowna, Canada.