Eek and Ack are two alien brothers who try to take over Earth over and over and over… Okay, so they’ve never actually succeeded in conquering Earth, but that hasn’t stopped them from trying. But some day, the alien siblings might actually take over the big blue planet that Earthlings call home… that is, if they can stop picking each other’s snottlebugs and laughing when one of them phoots.

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  • Favorite food: Slime-wiches
  • Favorite movies: The Day the Earth Blew Up
  • Favorite toy: Earthling action figures
  • Hobbies: Vaporizing things and plotting to conquer earth


  • Favorite food: Pluto Pops
  • Favorite movies: Spider-Man 1, 2, and 3
  • Favorite toy: Magnifying glass
  • Hobbies: Picking snottle bugs and doing what Eek tells him to do

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The Puzzling Pluto Plot
Eek and Ack don’t give up! The Terrible Twins from the Great Goo Galaxy are out to conquer Earth once again. But maybe they should have studied up on the solar system first. Let’s just say, the planet Pluto will never be the same.

The Ooze Slingers from Outer Space
Eek and Ack, the Terrible Twosome from the Great Goo Galaxy, are at it again! They make more plans to conquer Earth, but this time something sticky gets in the way. And it has eyes! And feet! And it's got the bug-eyed brothers trapped on an asteroid!

Invaders from the Great Goo Galaxy
One boring afternoon, the terrible twosome of Eek and Ack come up with a sinister plot. They'll spend the day doing something deviously fun, conquering that weird, faraway planet, Earth!

Beyond the Black Hole
While zipping through space in their rocket-powered washing machine, Eek and Ack get sucked into a black hole. Moments later, they're spit out on the other side of space. The new universe has its own planet Earth, but it's weird pink color.

Eek and Ack vs the Wolfman
What’s the best day for an alien invasion? Halloween, of course. When Eek and Ack visit Earth during the ghoulish holiday, they fit right in with the other trick-or-treaters. Unfortunately, so does Wolfy the Wolfman!

Learn About The Author - Cari Meister

Blake A. Hoena once conquered the Moon with a homemade spaceship. There wasn’t much to do on the moon, though, so he eventually came back to Earth and started writing cool stories for kids. Since returning to our planet, Blake has taken lots of college classes. Since graduating from college, Blake has written lots of books for children. But Blake’s favorite creations are Eek and Ack, and he has written several funny stories about the ooze-slinging aliens.