Hi! I’m Mike Evans, but you can call me Dino-Mike. I get to travel the world with my dino-hunting Dad as he dusts ancient fossils, which is how I know so many dino facts. But while my dad is busy digging, I’m boning up on my own skills – only I’m working with the real deal. That’s right, I’ve been chased by a live T. rex and have discovered an undersea dinosaur habitat. Grab your gear and join me on some wild and wacky adventures!

My dad is a paleontologist, but I like to call him a dino hunter. On my first archeological dig with him, he gave me a jacket—but not just any kind of jacket. This one was developed by a scientist, and has scales that look and act like the ones of a real dinosaur! Plus, it’s solar powered to keep me nice and toasty on digs. And the best part of all? It has a hoodie! !


A series of early chapter books by the Eisner Award-winning create of Tiny Titans, Franco! The son of a famous paleontologist, eight-year-old Michael Evans travels the world with his dino-hunting dad. From the Jurassic Coast in Great Britain to the Liaoning Province in China, young Mike and his pops have been there, dug that. On each of these trips, when his dad is dusting fossils, Mike’s boning up on his own dino-tracking skills—only he’s finding the real deal. A live T. rex egg! A portal to the Jurassic period!! An undersea dinosaur sanctuary!!! Follow Dino-Mike on these wild and wacky adventures, which nobody will ever believe.

T. Rex Facts!
  1. Did you know the scientific name of Tyrannosaurus rex
    means “Tyrant Lizard King?” Weighing 5 to 7 tons, this dino
    really was reptile royalty.

  2. The T. rex was the star of the movie Jurassic
    Park, but these dinos didn’t actually live
    during the Jurassic Age. They lived between
    65-85 million years ago during a time known
    as the Cretaceous period.

  3. At 40 feet long and 20 feet tall, the T. rex was
    one of the largest meat-eating dinos ever.



Franco Aureliani
Bronx, New York-born writer and artist Franco Aureliani has been drawing comics since he could hold a crayon. Currently residing in Upstate New York with his wife, Ivette and son, Nicolas, he spends most of his days in his Batcave-like studio where he works on comics projects. When he’s not writing and drawing, Franco teaches high school art.