Learn More About Me

Dot (Diplodocus):

I may be a big, tall dinosaur, but sometimes I get scared, too! Funny noises, shadows, and sleeping in the dark can spook me. Good thing I have my teddy to hold close and keep me safe.

Did You Know?
Diplodocus was an herbivore, which means it only ate plants. It had a very long neck to reach into forests for food. Diplodocus had a very small brain.

Sara (Triceratops):

My friends are important to me, and I like to be a good friend. I have a pet bird, Sam, who is one of my best friends!

Did You Know?
Triceratops was an herbivore, which means it only ate plants. It had a hard plate called a frill on the back of its neck. The frill helped protect the Triceratops from other dinosaurs.


I love new (and sometimes scary!) adventures. I have one sister who likes to play with dolls, but I’d rather play with my friends.

Did You Know?
Corythosaurus was an herbivore, which means it only ate plants. It had a large crest on its head that may have helped it smell. Corythosaurus had hundreds of teeth to help it grind up plant food.

(Tyrannosaurus Rex):

My friends call me an inventor, because I love to make things. Sometimes my projects don’t turn out like I plan, but I always have fun!

Did You Know?
Tyrannosaurus Rex was a carnivore, which means it only ate meat. It had a huge, stiff tail for balance and making quick turns. T. Rex also had a huge jaw to help it eat its food.

Learn About My Books

Ghost Sounds

The Dino Detectives are always looking for a mystery to solve. When Dot thinks she hears a ghost in her house, she calls her friends right away. Will they find a ghost or something else when they start investigating?

The Beach Bandit

Sara is excited for a beach day with her friends. But when her beach toys go missing, her excitement fades. Will the Dino Detectives be able to help her?

The Crazy Clues

On her way to swim lessons, Dot notices a lot of strange things happening. Dot collects the crazy clues and is in for a big surprise when she gets home.

The Haunted House

Ever summer, the Dino Detectives spend a day at the fun park. But this year Cory makes a mistake that leads to one scary adventure and an even bigger surprise!

The Missing Trumpet

Cory can't wait to play his trumpet in the school concert. But on the day of the concert, he can't find his trumpet. Will the Dino Detectives be able to find it in time?

The Slime Attack

Ty loves to make stuff in his lab. But when he tries to make a special treat for his friends, things go terribly wrong. Thankfully the Dino Detectives are on the case!


The Surprise Prize

Sara loves collecting things. She can’t wait to get the surprise prize she ordered by collecting box tops from her favorite cereal. But when the prize comes, will Sara be happy or disappointed?

Learn About My Books

Anita Yasuda

Anita Yasuda has written many children's books. She and her family live in Southern Ontario, Canada. When she is not writing, she is hiking with her dog, Ted, playing tetherball, or planning a new adventure.

Steve Harpster

Steve Harpster has loved to draw funny cartoons, mean monsters, and goofy gadgets since he was able to pick up a pencil. In first grade, he avoided writing assignments by working on the pictures for stories instead. Steve was able to land a job drawing funny pictures for books, and that's really what he's best at. Steve lives in Columbus, Ohio, with his wonderful wife, Karen, and their sheepdog, Doodle.