The leader of a detective school knows more about solving mysteries than anyone in town. He’s Sherlock Holmes in size-seven sneakers. Don’t even think about committing a crime when Damian Drooth’s around.

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Favorite food: Chips
Favorite other food: Candy
Biggest fan: Lavendar, Tod's little sister
Head of the detective school

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The Graffiti Mystery

Vandals have struck at Damian’s school—someone has been spray-painting graffiti in the boys’ bathroom! To make matters worse, the vandals can’t even spell. If the crooks aren’t stopped, the whole school will be on cleaning duty. Damian knows he’s the school’s only hope of solving this bad spell of crime!

The Mystery of the Missing Mutts

Dog snatchers have been nabbing mutts all over town, but Damian Drooth is on the case! With the help of his group of trainee detectives, Damian is determined to find out what’s happened to the missing pups. For some detectives, this case could be uncrackable—but not for Damian Drooth!

The Case of the Disappearing Daughter

Damian Drooth puts his detective skills to the test when the daughter of a wealthy movie director is kidnapped from the set.

The Case of the Pop Star's Wedding

Damian is asked to guard the gifts at a pop star’s wedding. Can he outwit a hidden thief and outrun the suspicious bodyguards? And what is he doing with that cake?

How to Be a Detective

Damian Drooth, Supersleuth, shares his stellar detective skills with the kids from school. When he leads the amateur detectives to the local dog show, things really start to get hairy!


Who's stealing the secret plans for Mr. Swan's inventions? Everyone is a part of the puzzle, but only Damian can solve it.


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