Hi! I’m Claudia Cristina Cortez, and I have a complicated life, just like every other middle-school girl. Between doing all my homework, earning money by babysitting, helping my neighbors, and spending time at home, my life is pretty busy! Of course, I still have lots of fun hanging out with my friends. But life is never easy, especially when you’re thirteen!

Learn More About Me

  • My favorite thing to do is hang out with my best friends.
  • I love macaroni and cheese more than any other food.
  • I live in a house with my mom, dad, and brother Jimmy.
  • I have a cat named Ping-ping
  • My least favorite thing to do is babysit Nick, the seven-year-old brat who lives next door to us.

Learn About My Friends and Family


Monica is one of my three best friends. She’s horse-crazy. She rides at a stable and dreams of owning her own horse. Monica has her own page! Check it out!


Becca is one of my three best friends.She loves art. She’s even won some contests. When she grows up, she wants to be an art teacher.


Adam is one of my three best friends. He’s good at a lot of sports. He and I both love baseball, and he plays football and basketball, too.


Peter is kind, super smart, and a little bit nerdy. He’s one of the nicest guys I know.


Tommy is our class clown. (Also, Becca has a crush on him -- please don’t tell!)


Cute. Nice. Friendly. Athletic. Brad has it all. Maybe that’s why I have a secret crush on him.


Vacation List

Learn About My Books

Bad Luck Bridesmaid

Claudia has been asked to be a bridesmaid in her cousin Laura's wedding. But when she arrives at Laura's house, everything starts going wrong. Is Claudia the bad luck charm?

Beach Blues

The Cortez family is going on vacation! They're headed to Florida for a family reunion. But when they arrive, Claudia doesn't get to relax - she's stuck babysitting her younger cousins.


Jenny Pinski is the biggest bully at Pine Tree Middle School. Claudia is paired up with her for a science project. Some of Jenny's ideas are awful, but Claudia is afraid to disagree with Jenny. Is her project doomed?

Boy Trouble

Claudia has had a crush on Brad Turino for as long as she can remember. She's thrilled when Brad asks her for help with homework. But when cute new boy Rusty Alvarez asks her out on her first date, she doesn't know what to do!

Camp Can't

Claudia is really looking forward to camp this year. She's got it all planned out. Claudia knows exactly how she'll impress the camp staff so she'll be asked to be a junior counselor. But the second she gets to her cabin, things start going wrong.

Dance Trap

It's the first real dance at school, but none of the boys want to go to a fancy formal. Claudia realizes that they have to make the dance fun for everybody. She comes up with a great idea. It won't just be a dance, it'll be an adventure!

Friends Forever?

Only the cool kids make the cheer-leading squad, and Claudia and her friends aren't very cool. So it comes as a shock when Monica, one of Claudia's best friends, decides to try out. Can Claudia support her, even if she knows Monica won't make the team?


Someone stole Anna's money, and she thinks it was Claudia and her friends! Claudia knows they're innocent, but how can she crack the case and clear her name?

Hired or Fired

All the seventh graders have to find jobs for Work Week. Claudia's job should be a piece of cake, but starting on day one, she feels like she's messing up. Can she figure out how to keep her job, or will Claudia be the first person ever to fail Work Week?


Claudia is tired of being left out of Anna's parties, so she decides to throw one of her own. The problem is, parties are expensive. To foot the bill, Claudia takes on extra jobs. But soon she doesn't have much time left for her friends.

Pool Problem

Claudia is super excited because her family is getting a pool! But her tree house tree needs to be cut down to make room for the new pool. Claudia has so many happy memories in the tree house. Stuck between the past and a pool, what's a girl to do?


Claudia's class needs to earn money for a field trip, so they're holding a rummage sale. Anna's team challenges Claudia's to a contest. Who can raise the most money and sell the most stuff?


Claudia's seventh-grade class has elections. It's the same every year: the same kids run, and the same kids win. This year, it's going to be different. Claudia's friend Peter is running for class president. He's smart and honest, but can he win the election?


Claudia, Becca, and Monica have their own club, the Whatever Club. What are they supposed to do when Claudia's friend Adam wants to join? He doesn't play by the club's rules, and he's making them miserable. But Claudia doesn't want to lose one of her best friends.

Advice About Family

Family can be such a pain. Parents don’t understand. Siblings are annoying. Aunts and uncles are boring. Claudia’s family, though, gets along great. They make an effort to stay connected and find ways to all have fun together. Claudia shares some secrets on getting along with your family members and making family time fun.

Advice About Friends

Claudia and her friends support each other and have loads of fun together. But they don’t always get along, and when they argue, they are miserable! Claudia always tries to fight fair and remember that her friends are some of the most important people in her life. Her advice can help anyone become a better friend.

Advice About School

Life in middle school can be complicated. Dealing with bullies. Putting up with the popular crowd. Playing sports and participating in activities. Plus, managing homework and studying! But Claudia can help uncomplicate things. She offers advice on everything from decoding teacher personalities to getting involved at school.

Advice About Work and Play

When you are thirteen, making money is pretty complicated. Most places don't hire kids until they are at least sixteen. Claudia is here to help. She has some great tips on finding jobs that fit your interests and abilities. But all work and no play makes a kid boring and stressed out. So Claudia also dishes up advice on getting the most out of free time.