The world is full of lots of weird scientific gadgets made by other people. I like to make my own cool inventions, but sometimes they backfire…

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  • I don’t like to brag, but I’m the smartest kid in school. Maybe in the whole world.
  • I have a dog named Raggs who’s always excited about my inventions.
  • Science is my favorite subject. And then, lunch.

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Buzz is my best friend even if he does get us into trouble with his crazy inventions.


Sarah Bellum
I can outsmart that Buzz Beaker any day. I’m a certified girl genius with an IQ of 187.6!

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Backyard Bug Battle
Buzz Beaker invents Super-Sticky Bug Goo to keep harmful insects away from plants. Buzz’s dad invents a super-fast grow juice. When Buzz gets the two mixed up, the Beaker backyard becomes a zany zoo of gigantic bees and fleas!
Attack of the Mutant Lunch Lady
Brainy Buzz Beaker thought nothing could be grosser than cafeteria food. That’s before the school’s lunch lady turned into a mutant blob of mystery meat. Now, Buzz and his best friend Larry must discover a way to stop the Cafeteria Creature.
Billions of Bats
Poor Bobo! He’s a pet bat. His owner is Sarah Bellum, the new super genius at school. When Sarah uses Bobo to help show off her new cosmic copy machine to the class, something horrible goes wrong. Luckily, Buzz Beaker, our local hero, is not far away.
Wind Power Whiz Kid
Buzz Beaker's dad invents an eco-friendly windmill to power the entire town. Unfortunately, the not-so-friendly Mr. Sludgeco wants it destroyed before his planet-polluting power plant goes out of business. Can brainy Buzz and his friends stop Sludgeco's explosive plans?
Robot Rampage
Brainy Buzz Beaker doesn’t win first prize at the school science fair. The award goes to the weird new student, Elron, instead. Then Elron’s homemade robot goes haywire, and Buzz gets taken on a wild, rampaging ride!
Buzz Beaker vs. Dracula
Sure, Dracula can live forever, but he really just wants to hit the beach! To catch some waves, he’s captured the brainy Buzz Beaker for help. Now, this wacky whiz kid must turn the Lord of the Vampires into the King of the Beach, or he could be the monster’s next meal.


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