Prepare yourself for a shadowy journey into the world of a boy and his BMX. Michael Cycle, known as the Bike Rider, protects innocent students from bullies who operate above the principal.

Learn More About Me

  • Age: 12-years-old
  • My real name is Michael Short, but I am known in certain circles as Michael Cycle, rebel rider.
  • At eight-years-old, I became the youngest crossing guard at Rerun Elementary.
  • I am well-educated in criminal detection, self-defense, and Nevada state traffic laws.
Michael Cycle

Learn About My Friends and Family

C.A.T.T. Stephon Connie

C.A.T.T. (Cycle Agency Three Thousand)
I am a 1980’s BMX bike and Michael’s best friend. No one else has awesome gadgets like me. I am nearly indestructible – I have rocket boosters, and, most importantly, communicate quite well. Michael is my partner in the fight against elementary school injustice.

Stephon Sinclair
Age: 11-years-old
My dad is a U.S. Senator and has always sent me to the best schools. Because of this I know several languages, have studied martial arts, and network with America’s most elite grade-schoolers.
I am the Chief of Operations for S.P.O.K.E.S. (the Special Protection Of Kids in Education Systems)

Connie Carlow
Age: 10-years-old
I am an only child and I know all there is to know about bipedal mechanics. That’s why I developed the most high-tech, and self-aware BMX bike the world has ever known! S.P.O.K.E.S. wouldn’t be where it is today without me.

Learn About My Books

Wheelies of Justice
Bike Rider, a shadowy journey into the elementary world of a boy and his BMX. Michael Cycle (aka Mike Bike), a young pedaler with the purpose of protecting powerless students in a world of bullies who operate above the principal.

Spokes on the Water
Michael Cycle and his talking BMX bike, C.A.T.T., smell something fishy at TV Academy. They're out to prove that middle school Mafioso, Tony Tenor, is up to no good. Is this two-wheeled team in over their head? Or will they reel in their biggest catch of the day?

Learn About The Author

Donald Lemke works as a children’s book editor and writer. He is the author of the Zinc Alloy graphic novel adventure series. He also wrote Captured Off Guard, a World War II story, and a graphic novelization of Gulliver’s Travels, both of which were selected by the Junior Library Guild. Most recently, he has written several Batman adventures for DC Super Heroes chapter books.