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Benji Franklin:

My real name is Benjamin Franklin (yep, as in the super-smart inventor/founding father Benjamin Franklin). Though I’m not quite as smart as the original Benjamin Franklin, I did invent a pretty-cool app that has made me a ZILLIONAIRE.

Since then, I’ve been the go-to guy for the world’s leading con artists and crooks, but also the go-to guy for the world’s leading scientists, artists, and politicians. Where others fail, I use my Benjamins to get it done!

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My dad really likes to build one-of-a-kind inventions, and he spends a lot of time tinkering in our junkyard. His latest projects include an orbiting surveillance satellite and giant magnets that can rescue drowning sailors. Plus, he is super smart and is always excited about my ideas, too!

My mom is always putting other people before herself. She is a regular volunteer at the food shelf and taught me that helping others is important, rewarding and fun.
Professor Snow:

Professor Snow knows everything there is to know about dinosaurs, cloning, climate change, nano-bots, and anything else that can easily turn into a catastrophe. I think he has my number on speed dial!
Sir Robert Dransling:

Sir Robert Dransling is a rich (but not as rich as me!), British tycoon. He even has his own fleet of rocket ships in outer space! We make a powerful team for defending Earth from disasters, but I’m not sure I can always trust him.

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Adults are always trying to get kids to do chores or boring things, like cleaning their room or going to piano lessons. My excuse-generating app, called Excuse Yourself, is simple. All kids make excuses or lie from time to time. My app just helps them generate better excuses and remember the excuses they have already used.

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After inventing a bestselling computer app that helps people come up with creative and timesaving excuses, twelve-year-old Benjamin “Benji” Franklin becomes the world’s youngest and, well, only ZILLIONAIRE. But this tiny tycoon quickly discovers that life isn’t all about the Benjamin. He decides to use his newfound wealth for greater good—like saving the world from cloned killer dinosaurs, building super-powered rocket ships, and launching solid gold submarines.
Or two.

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    Benji Bucks

Learn About My Books

Raymond Bean is a dad, a teacher, and an Amazon best-selling author. His books have ranked #1 in Children’s Humor, Humorous Series, and Fantasy and Adventure. They often rank among Amazon’s top 100 books for children. Sweet Farts #2 Rippin’ It Old School was Amazon Publishing’s first release for young readers. Translations of his books are available in Germany, Italy and Korea. Editions for Brazil and Turkey are on their way. He writes for kids who claim they don’t like reading.