Four student athletes who were cut from their teams unite to form the ultimate fan club – the B-Team.

Howling Mouth

Birthplace: Reno, Nevada

Former Sport: Baseball

Didn’t make the cut because: Well, actually he did! After tryouts for the varsity baseball team, Howling Mouth noticed his name wasn’t on the team roster. Howling Mouth got sooooo mad, he chewed out the team coach — yelling at the coach for cutting their best player. However, the coach had made a mistake, he meant to include Howling Mouth on the list. But, after being yelled at, the coach decided to cut Howling Mouth instead. Howling Mouth now wears a mouthguard everywhere he goes — so he’ll never say anything stupid again.


Birthplace: Reno, Nevada

Former Sport: Football

Didn’t make the cut because: Although a talented player on the gridiron, hairball refused to trim his lengthy ’do. Eventually, his long locks made hairball unable to put on a helmet. Hairball’s refusal to cut his hair got him cut from his favorite sport.


Birthplace: Reno, Nevada

Former Sport: Basketball

Didn’t make the cut because: During his final basketball season, Face-Paint refused to go up for a rebound. When his coached asked him why, Face-Paint replied, “I can’t risk injuring this masterpiece!” He was talking about his pretty face. Nowadays, Face-Paint paints his face with team colors whenever attending a game — not for team spirit, of course, but because it “makes his skin soooo soft.”

R.U. Wittus

Birthplace: Reno, Nevada

Former Sport: Wrestling

Didn’t make the cut because: He was too strong! Before being cut, R.U. could take down the entire wrestling team with one arm tied behind his back. He quickly grew tired of pinning his opponents with his pinky finger. Since he was no longer giving 110%, the coach refused to keep him on the team. R.U. now gives 120% to the B-Team.

Four student athletes are cut from their teams, but they’re determined not to give up.

Ryan Jacobson is the author of 10 children’s books with several other projects in various stages of production. He lives in Mora, Minnesota, with his wife Lora and their adopted sons, Jonah and Lucas. Ryan works as a book editor and marketing specialist for a small press, and he has extensive experience working with children, dating back to his days as a summer camp counselor. His favorite part of being an author is presenting at schools and making public appearances.