Hi! We are Ashley and Ashlee, otherwise known as Ash and Lee. We’ve been best friends
since we were babies, but we are very different from one another.


Ashlee Taylor

Ashlee Taylor, otherwise known as Lee, is tall and graceful. When Lee is not twirling around at her dance classes, she can be found drawing or painting. Lee may be shy around new people, but she is very sweet and kind!
Ashley “Ash” Sanchez

Ashley “Ash” Sanchez may be small, but she’s mighty! Ash likes to play all types of games — from sports to video games — and she loves to win. Ash may be loud and silly, but more than anything, she is a great friend!


Our Favorites: We both love gymnastics and being outdoors!


Our friends Sophi and Prisha do gymnastics, play games, and have sleepovers with us. We play peek-a-boo with Ash’s little brother, Sam.And we play dress-up with Lee’s older sister, Mallory.


The Sleepover
Ash and Lee haven’t seen each other in two whole weeks! When they decide to host a sleepover party together to reunite, they each have big — and very different — ideas of how it should go. Can the two girls make their plans align in time to put on a fabulous slumber party?
The Grass Is Always Greener
Ash and Lee decide to switch places for a day. Ash can’t wait to spend time with Lee’s cool older sister, Mallory. Lee is excited to bond with Ash’s adorable baby brother, Sam. But when the sibling swap doesn’t go as expected, will Ash and Lee still wish to trade places?
Brushes and Basketballs
Ash wants to teach Lee some basketball moves, while Lee hopes to share her love of art with Ash. But sharing their hobbies doesn’t go as planned, and soon Ash and Lee worry that they will never find the perfect activity for the two of them to do together.
Best Friends Forever?
Ever since they were born, Ash and Lee have lived in the same apartment building, just across the hall from each
other...but now that’s about to change. When Lee moves a few blocks away, will the two girls find a way to stay best friends forever?